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  1. Cool, cheers I’ll have to look them up!
  2. Any recommendations on where I can get these in the UK?
  3. Old School Chris Jericho would be cool as well or perhaps his Painmaker outfit
  4. Excellent! Hopefully the next 2 will focus on villains
  5. Out of interest, do we know how many sets are planned for Power Rangers? I know we have pics of a second 4 pack completing the team but are more planned after that?
  6. Hmmm so maybe no Kenny and Britt in his place? I’m guessing the Young Bucks would be the tag team getting one of the first two-packs as well, will that be a one of two-pack or part of a ‘Series 1’ type thing?
  7. First four pack I would like CM Punk/Chris Jericho/Sting/Kenny Omega. If they did a series of 2 packs they could be focused on tag teams (Young Bucks/Jurassic Express/FTR)
  8. They have an image of the CM Punk/Sting two pack (skip to 3:48 in the video) but that’s all I see. Hopefully they have more images at SDCC. In terms of what accessories we could see from the line, hopefully steel chairs, title belts, ladders, baseball bats/kendo sticks, stuff like that.
  9. New license has been revealed to be AEW! They will be doing 4 packs and potentially 2 packs as well, first 2 pack will be CM Punk and Sting in their homage attires (think this may be a SDCC exclusive?) i’m damn excited for these as a big wrestling fan I’ve been wanting mini wrestling figures in this form for a while. Just hope they’ll be easily obtainable in the UK. YouTube announcement video
  10. We find out today what the mystery license is?
  11. It was between MiniMilner or MilnerMate and I ended up choosing the former, looking back maybe I choose the wrong path haha.
  12. Excellent! Just need to wait till they reach the UK haha
  13. Any word on when these will be available?
  14. Six pack of Power Rangers should be the Rangers in their human forms/clothes
  15. Sounds great, thanks Zach! Looking forward to seeing the set in person.
  16. Have their been any shots of the packaging of these yet? None of the online stores seem to have an image of the figures in the packaging yet and I’m keen to see what it’s like.
  17. All I would ask for is that the Turtles get Sculpted heads, like what they done for The Lizard in that baddies set a few years back. I think that would look better.
  18. Maybe a line to tie in to the new games coming out this year? I’d jump on a series that looked like the 87 designs, I would prefer moulded heads like the Lizard figure that released for the Turtles though
  19. Did they ever do minimates based on the 87 series or were they all based on the Nickelodeon era?
  20. my guess is My Hero Academia, lots of different hairstyles and they could create accessories based on the moves and such. one day I would love to see Nintendo Minimates, would be great!
  21. Was thinking, I hope we get Megazord/Dragonzord as minimates as well, then if we get villains they would all scale together much like how they done it with the action figures back in ‘93
  22. I’ve not bought any minimates for a few years now but I am so jumping back in with these Power Rangers sets! Glad the first 2 sets cover all the Rangers but I hope more sets are planned so we get villains, something like Set 3 Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Putty, King Sphinx Set 4 Lord Drakkon, Pirantishead, Goldar, Pudgy
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