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  1. The Alien™ Franchise

    I was disappointed not to see any new Alien stuff at NYTF too. But there's still hope according to this: Latest AskDST: I submitted a similar question myself the other day. Here's hoping for something on Alien day. It'd be a great shame to come so close to completing the line only to faulter at the last two characters. (Already done Bishop I know, but clean). Of course, I'd still dream of seeing a Queen with egg sack. A hive diorama. Coocooned victims. Scuttling facehuggers. A Sulaco.
  2. The Alien™ Franchise

    That's fair enough, I know a lot of people are excited by the Kenner style stuff, just not my bag. I'll always buy a set that includes a movie/canon accurate figure though, so I'll still be buying all these sets. It's been a fantastic line so far!
  3. The Alien™ Franchise

    Sweet! Been waiting for an Alien Minimate fix! I'm hoping the choice shown here does mean we can expect more from other sources/retailers. The missing obvious ones being Ripley 8 and the Newborn, from Resurrection. And the Dog Alien for Alien 3. A few Working Joe androids from Isolation would be sweet too, but I'm pleased with enough with Amanda. In terms of the Aliens in this wave, I do wish the Res' Warrior wasn't so Kenner red, the Isolation Alien's colour scheme looks more appropriate to my eye. I've seen statues depicting the Res' Warrior looking very red, but it always struck me as more of a subtle brown tint, if anything. I have no idea what the "Advanced" alien is supposed to be, but I'm aware of the need to make the sets appealing to the wider market, so I chalk it up to that. I'll still get it for Johner. Hoping we see even more at Toyfair!
  4. Predator Minimates

    This! And this! A chopper would be cool, plus the Huey has featured in many things, good for reuse. You could probably squeeze in the General too. Take off the vest!
  5. The Alien™ Franchise

    Every time I see this thread pop I hope for a reveal. I hope we see something at NYTF in february. Sooner is fine too! Can't wait for them Dropships!
  6. Predator Minimates

    Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! And yes, that handshake!
  7. The Alien™ Franchise

    I'm sure this must be the plan. Too coincidental not to be. They're the two last figures to complete the set. And there are two dropships. They are the pilots. Each dropship has it's own distinct nose art and markings (easy repaint). One for specialty, one for TRU, as you say, just like with the APCs. After this the only thing I really really would wish for is an Alien Queen with Egg Sack. I'm wanting this from anyone DST, NECA, Sideshow (although that'd be murder on the wallet). Surely MM has the best chance, for price point, comparitive ease of design/manufacture. It'd also be a nice size for collectors. (Although I'll find space if another company manages it. :))
  8. The Alien™ Franchise

    In case anyone missed it, some good things in this yesterday's AskDST for Aliens fans! I've highlighted the main points: AskDST #366 Didn't think we were going to get Alien 3! Woot! Good times!
  9. I want more minimate ships (and minimates). Abrams Enterprise USS Vengeance Spock's Jellyfish First Contact Enterprise E Borg Cube, and Sphere Voyager TNG Enterprise D The style and price point would appeal to even non-minimate collectors. Big ships are cool, without doubt, but I'd love to have a set of mini ships on my shelf/desk. Often, accurately depicted, small scale ships lose a lot to poor paint apps and limitations in detail due to scale. But stylised ones can have crisp paint apps, and accentuate the best features. (Can't wait for mini Aliens dropship! )
  10. The Alien™ Franchise

    Ima still need moar.
  11. Predator Minimates

    Bell UH-1 "Huey".
  12. Predator Minimates

    Sweet! Excited to see what's coming from Predator.
  13. The Alien™ Franchise

    Yes, do it properly if at all. Disappointed in the Neca figure. It's a figure in limbo, of true appeal to neither fandom. Waste of an exclusive slot, for the sake of saving money.
  14. Alien: Covenant Series 1

    I just hope the reception of the movie doesn't mar the sales, and in turn perceived viability of the line. People love Alien, Aliens, and even Alien 3. Please don't let Covenant sully the brand. Really want the dropship, and clean Bishop and Ferro.