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  1. That's EXACTLY what it is. I could never describe the series in so few words. Ya man...the most most squeamish read of the whole series was definitely Psychopath. The webcomic Wish You Were Here has a nice slow burn to it too and I would say that's probably my favorite of the series. I read all 100 issues of Badlands, but only remember one Arc at the moment about a comic book writer held prison in a local comic book store, but ya plenty of neat short stories there. I tried reading Moore's Crossed 100 years after (or whatever it's called)...I am not smart enough or patient enough (or more likely both) to get through the dialogue which has this weird future update to it. I get that in 100 years we won't be talking with our current syntax, but ya I got tired of it quickly and quit 2 or 3 issues in.
  2. It might be too gruesome, but maybe minimates could do a Crossed minimates line. It's a super sadistic comic (max zombies is almost at that level of gore, savageness, but the Crossed are more extreme). The original run, webcomic, and psychopath series were all addictive reads. Badlands is a 100 issue series that just finished and the stories were hit or miss but I appreciate complete story arcs being told (or being attempted to be told) in 3 or 4 issues.
  3. I still need to play Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on my xbox360. I bought it used for $25 thinking the girlfriend would want to play it. Then she complains about how I'm supposed to let her win lol. Not enough hours in the day! Wolverine has got to be in the basic game though right? He's been a staple in the series as far as I can remember.
  4. ya I think it was almost $100 Canadian where I saw it. Most statues cost that much so maybe it isn't licensing fees but them just pricing it at comparative costs.
  5. Saga mates would be amazing! Although that's probably what they said about invincible too, my first mates ever. Ever since, I've been hooked on other mates, so maybe you can fish out other fringe collectors even if Saga mates might perform similarly to invincible.
  6. Just need an abraham and andrea (preferably TRU) to complete my set!
  7. I never really understood how forums work in general lol. It's like...I have to remember which topics I posted on and then see if there are new replies for each one. The way reddit does it is just SOOO easy.
  8. Thankful for my patient wife that puts up with my hobbies and to have a happy 2 year old that doesn't get too jealous when I'm playing with my mates in my den. It's been up since the the first week of November. Eat lots! Get that sweet savory mix going with that protein, cranberry, gravy in every bite. My wife made an awesome turkey ilast month (Canada's T-day is the first Monday of October). We used 3/4 stick of butter and the veggies were drenched in it. It was amazing!
  9. done and ya! liquor at supermarkets. Beer, wine, and spirits have their own dedicated stores.
  10. Whoops should have been Walgreens instead ad of Wal-Mart
  11. Well that's a shame. I know Canada is a much more limited market, but we don't even have minimates at our Toys R Us's...obviously no walmarts here. We just had Hot Topics open up in the last year or two and I've seen the minimates there. Anyways thanks for the reply! I just wish these things were everywhere like those funko pops
  12. I'll probably buy the Rorschach vini...but the best one would be mates. Medicom Kubrick did come out with a VERY VERY NICE SET though and they're really cheap on ebay. Bought those and I'm actually keeping them in box. I actually bought from the Monopolist of minimates on ebay...minimates menageries.
  13. Hope that you guys are somehow able to sell those marvel blind bags at Hot Topic. I heard that those Nightmare before Christmas's did well. It would be great exposure for the marvel line and minimates in general. It may seem crowded with the other dozen or so bling bag minifigure type toys at hot topic, but Marvel would stand out so Minimates will stand out. Thanks!
  14. The Reese's Pumpkin Package WOWOWOWO
  15. yup definitely looking around now for a tiger that scales with mates
  16. Just got mine in Canada! Lol thanks again pk!
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