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  1. Thanks, and of course you're not stepping on any toes! That's why I asked you guys for help, I very much appreciate it!
  2. I mean his costume is a bit different, I need to get rid of the neck part and repaint but the real reason I wanted the original Toomes face is that smug smile he has. It's perfect for Adrian young and old.
  3. Paint recommendations? How do I dispense it evenly and should I sand the paint down after I paint to keep it smooth? Anyone know of ways to make giant minimates?
  4. Thank you Nessex! I hope to have some good stuff! And thank you Master PL that gif made me laugh pretty hard >.<
  5. Thanks c: Zola I'll pm you or I have a thread on the customs part if you wanna check it out!
  6. Thanks! Decals weren't exactly what I had in mind though haha. More of a mix between QC's and a bit of paint. I still need to learn how to make big minimates too... Haha
  7. Also how to make GIANT SCALED MINIMATESSSSS I'm talking a sentinel, giant man, and the like. Anyone else working on this?
  8. Okie, so I'm new here so if there's already a thread akin to this one or if it's in the wrong place please correct me or steer me the right way, haha. I was looking for some help with QC's or more daunting customs with some specific characters. Mainly - Kaine Scarlet Spidey and Long Hair 90's Kaine -HummingBird -Young Adrian Toomes/Vulture -Harry Osborn Green Goblin. I have some ideas for Scarlet Kaine like taking a Superior Spidey and making him into him, but any suggestions for paint apps? I also have no idea where to start with 90's Kaine and Hummig bird >.< With The Vulture I was thinking of getting the zombies Vulture because he's Wayyy cheaper but from there I didn't know how to paint him. Any advice would be super helpful! Thanks in advance fellow 'mate makers!
  9. I've seen a couple that I thought were great ideas -Sons of Anarchy An easy way to get some vehicles going, plus they could easily just be army built random thugs for my marvel heroes to catch! - The Mask Just yes. - I know we have pirates already but j really want Pirates of the Carribean minimates
  10. Love the prospect of new marvel figures -Electro - Young Adrian Toomes Vulture, or perhaps a definitive Vulture with swappable young and old heads -Kraven the Hunter - Allistair Smythe -Spider Slayers!!! -Shocker -Scorpion -Man-Spider mutation of Spider-Man (could be an alternate spidey but it's not the one I want most right now) - Harry Osborn Green Goblin -Hummingbird!!! -The jackal -shriek -carrion -(Rerelease big Rhino) Most of these are just reworks that would be great! Especially since most of the ones that already have existing counterparts are expensive For a $40 scorpion (which isn't that bad of a price but still) I'd like a tail that can help balance him on the ground and such. Alternate Spidey and Wolverine? -Kaine Scarlet Spider -90's Wolverine with bandana and bone claws!
  11. What a wondrous day! Hello to all my soon to be friends! I'm a relatively new minimate fanatic, mostly on the marvel bug (if you couldn't tell by my name haha). I hope to be a regular presence on here and will most likely be asking a bunch of custom questions
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