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  1. What about Original X Factor Iceman ?. Regards.
  2. I think the general idea may have been to release both Bishop (Clean) and Ferro with the dropship. It makes sense to me as both piloted one. Maybe the demise of Toys R Us curtailed that ?.
  3. More likely as I said in an previous post, maximise revenue.
  4. Anyone else think the Dropship will come in two versions, one with Ferro and a battle damaged one with Bishop like the APC ?.
  5. Saying that, to me it looks like the controls in the figures hands might attach to the arms, maybe.
  6. The power loader controls in Ripleys hands should be attached to the power loaders arms, I'm open to be corrected if I'm wrong.
  7. If you look through the Crisis for Infinite Minimates thread under C2E2 you will see pictures for all the figures plus the Alien Queen and Powerloader.
  8. When will Series Two be available to buy ?.
  9. Have the same four pack, no trouble here. Aliens Series Two thread.
  10. I noticed the same thing. There's been talk of doing vehicles since the license was announced. In terms of scale, I'm thinking it'd be great if DST was able to offer the APC as an electronic vehicle (like the BTTF Time Machine and KITT from Knight Rider). Bishop was the APC driver and Gorman commanded the mission from it and Ferro was the Dropship pilot. It makes sense to use those three for vehicles. Would be brilliant to get both of those and set up a sort of display to.
  11. Bishops upper torso and fluid damage comes with the Xenomorph Queen.
  12. Not sure what we're doing for S3. I believe we have ideas/plans for the others. Characters will look the same in both assortments, Aliens aside. Plausable option would be Bishop and Gorman with an APC and Ferro with an dropship. I'm sure both vehicles wouldn't be beyond the capabilities of Diamond Select, hint hint lol.
  13. Series 2 - Ripley in Jacket and Newt, Vasquez and Hudson, Frost and Alien, Crowe and Alien with Alien egg's (shortpacked). Getting a full wave might be a potential problem in the making due to the shortpacked Crowe. Aliens Series Three to get Gorman, Ferro and Bishop ?. I'm happy that Vasquez and Hudson are in the second series and not just Toys R Us exclusives as I'm from the UK. Be interested to see Toys R Us series to see what exactly the differences in the appearances of the characters will be.
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