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PM archiving

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My inbox is getting full & I decided to archive old stuff to make room. Can anyone tell me where the default save location is?

I archived a block of PM's but can't find where in my computer the file saved to. Thanks in advance for any help! :)

PS - I feel extremely silly for asking this.

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I think there was an extra option where you can have your archive uploaded to an XML file instead, and it just opens in a new window. From there you can just copy/paste it into a text document.

I think.

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Hey Homestar,

This is something I've never had to do so I went and checked it.

The easiest way is to select the " excel importable file" option. and you will be sent an email with the messages attached in quote comma quote format, which is importable into just about anything.

If you need me to walk you through it step by step shoot me a PM.


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Thanks, guys! I checked my email inbox (the only place I didn't check, d'oh) & there they were. You two rock! :thumbsup:

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