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Arcade error D:

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#7 Arcade Error (a.k.a. Darn, I was just about to face Shen Long!)

I got a high score of 250k, and when I clicked okay it brought me to the board index. The same thing happened when I played the Mario coin game.

In Real Life it's Called...

Waking up

Out in the real world, people emerge from sleep in which they dreamed to be a princess, winning the lottery or even getting the news DC minimates are revitalized. After that, people are mostly disappointed and would tell their real live friends about it.

So Why Does it Happen on the Internet?

Because it is the internet and therefore we just can. Oh yes we can, I know we can can yes we can can, why can't we? If we wanna, yes we can can.


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I hereby nominate Bob Harris for Staff. :lol:

On topic: Dio, I don't know about the particular error you're having but it seems the Arcade has been acting up weirdly for some time now. I've had several high scores (on Tetris, the one game I can actually play decently :P) that never got recorded up on the "leaderboard", I'm guessing it must be some programming error?

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