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Anybody have an extra piece??


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Hey, all.

I figure somebody here'll be able to help me. I have all of the Buffy Palz from series 2 except Spike (I actually bought him online, but after taking my money, the company had to refund it as he was suddenly "out of stock") -- so my limited edition Judge fig is almost complete. I just need the piece that comes with Spike (it's the left leg/cargo container piece, if you're looking at it head-on).

I can trade with the left arm/cargo container piece that comes with Cordelia (instead of sending me Spike, they sent me her instead -- so I have extra). So if anyone has an extra, or knows where I can get the series 2 Spike Palz for less than $20, let me know! Thanks in advance!


EDIT: Thanks to the terrific Ivan, I've found the droids I'm looking for. You are the dude!! :D

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Si, senor!

I'm almost embarrassed to admit -- but since I'm a girl, it's OK -- but when I saw your pic, I squeeeed! I'm so excited!


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