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DST Q & A #8


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I have a few questions.

(1) I know that Street Fighter is pretty much dead,but I was wondering if you would ever consider trying to regain the Lincese to use with the release of Street Fighter 4 in 2009 (or 2010)?

(2) What made you guys decide to aquire Linceses of Series like: Back to the Future,Rocky,Desperately Seeking Susan, For A Few Dollars More, and a few others?

(3)I know that DC minimates used parts from Marvel (Joker's repainted Punisher jacket for example), but can Marvel use parts that were made in DC's line?

(4)Will we see Nintendo minimates? Super Smash Bro. Brawl minimates would rule!

(5)How come Minimates aren't sold at Target or Toy R Us stores anymore?

Thanks Guys!

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Hi Chuck, thanks as always for taking the time to answer our questions.

1) Were you shocked to learn that Georg Brewer and co. are ending the DC Minimates line after the 8th wave?

2) What effect, if any, do you think that will have on the Minimates brand?

3) Has DST ever been in a position where ending the Marvel line of Minimates seemed inevitable?

4) In the last Q&A you mentioned that DST has "no plans right now to do MM based on (Invincible)." Is it too difficult to acquire the license because of Paramount's involvement or is Robert Kirkman a Shockini fan?

5) Will you guys find a way to include smaller versions of the posters that are created for cons with the actual Minimates? Barry's Spider-Man 3 poster was amazing!

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