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NYTF Protocol


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What do we think about a little protocol for NYTF threads.

One already exists with Non-Minimate discussions.

I'd suggest we alter the title to suit the topic, ie 'NYTF Non-Minimate news & images'.

In addition, like we have done in the past, have 2 other threads.

1. 'NYTF Minimate Images'

2. 'NYTF Minimate Discussions'

Just my thoughts, feel free to ignore or chip in.

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I titled that thread specifically as I did so that we could talk about everything, as I find it annoying to have to jump between multiple threads (it's hard to remember which thread I made which witty comment in sometimes). Plus, we've already got threads going for the two new licenses. Just my two cents, but I don't think we need a separate 'mate exclusive TF thread.

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