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Found 2 results

  1. They're back, back, back, back, back again! Just watched the first two episode of X-Men '97n on D+ last night. I gotta say - the creators of the show KNOW who they're making this for: If you were a kid who liked this in the 90s, you are going to be well fed. My spoiler free review: There are certainly a few things here and there to adjust to (the animation style is a little less lush/more streamlined & some voices have obviously changed), but the feel of the series... the heart of it feels firmly in tact. There's a LOT that could have gone wrong in trying to cash in on a classic, but the creators seem like they have really tried to stay true to the OG while giving a few modern flourishes. There are some fun cameos and a LOT of easter eggs for anyone who knows the original series by heart. What did y'all think of it?
  2. would anyone be interested? i love the show and it would be cool to have minimates based from the series. You can have the characters from the popular houses: -Stark -Baratheon -Targaryen -Lannister -Tyrell They can even army build with the knights/soldiers from the different houses, the white walkers, the dothraki tribe and unsullied. you can even throw in miniature dragons (ala snarf or robo-bear for boxed sets).
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