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Found 4 results

  1. So as i was coming back home from Chicago and i started doodling and i thought. "We have minimates based on MvC and Sony exclusives... can we get a minimate based on the new Spidey game? It would be lit.. just to give an idea i did make a low quality draft
  2. So apparently Sony might pull Spidey out of the MCU after Homecoming? A lot of Comic pages and sites have been reporting on it. It seems like a boneheaded move. I want a Harry Potter esque saga of Pete and Sony hasn't had a good track record. They're trying to full steam ahead with this venom movie when who knows if they'll even do the origin right. Edit: it's funny to title the movie Homecoming when Sony just wants to pull the rights back from marvel after marvel boosts the popularity for them. It's like "thanks for the morale boost we'll be more than happy to coast on your name, now".
  3. The roster is: Sandman,classic Doc Ock,Lizard with a sculpted head (who can also turn into Connors) and a new Carnage. I've got to say, this is really exciting! I hope it's not the green jumpsuit Ock though (like he appeared in Amazing 3). Sandman will probably get some new sand acessories and Carnage an alternate head and some sculpted tendrils. The Lizard i guess will have a slipover sculpted lizard head (kinda like venom unleashed). EDIT: This set is a Luke's Toy Store Exclusive!
  4. There's quite alot of Spider-Men in this line and I'm really glad. So many that perhaps we can do more than top 5 list, so feel free to go above and beyond. As for me, I haven't picked up the ASM 2 one, though this has to be my list: 1. Iron Spider-Man (I now it's been awhile since this one has been around and it'd be so awesome if he got an update, but as it's my favorite suit ever for Spidey, I'm glad there's a Minimate of it.) 2. MvsC:3 Spider-man (This is the style that I like when it comes to the classic costume. The size of the eyes and the Spider emblems are just perfect. It feels like a modern Spidey to me.) 3 1st Appearance Spidey (The red and black scheme has always been my favorite and I love the slanted eyes on him. He seems old-school!) 4. Future Foundation Spider-Man (Yeah, this look is totaly different and I love it, it seems like a basic minimate design buuuuuut it works so well.) 5. Hmm, I'd probably have to say the Peter Parker Miinimate that came with the GG 2-pack. (The Spidey threads underneath his old fashioned clothes is such an awesome and striking feature and I love that he came with a Spidey mask and that lasso around him accessory. He's currently my go-to stand-in on my shelf with heroes in civilian clothing.)
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