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Found 1 result

  1. Hello people, I don't come 'round here often these days but I still keep an eye out for my fellow Canadians. Today I went into work (I work one shift at TRU a week) and saw the walking dead series two on the shelf and decided to see what else is coming in. Turns out that everything that was 'active' in the computer is now in stores or on it's way in the upcoming week. This includes these exclusive waves: Walking Dead series 2 590681 $7.99 Marvel wave 15 154563 $7.99 Marvel Fan Poll Box Set 158402 $14.99 I am not up on minimates at all, so I have no idea what the new fan poll box set is, but that's the description the shelf tag will display. If you respond with questions, I will probably not see them. Just stopped by to share the good news. Almost forgot, there are no other sku's in the system at the moment. Happy hunting!
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