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  1. I haven't found t hem yet but I'm looking, was hoping they'd have these at Downtown Disney at Disneyland. Looking at the pics the only figure I don't like is Mr. Smee, all the others though look fantastic . . . . Disneyland Haunted Mansion Minimates and Haunted Mansion play set please GOD please

  2. Don't know if it's been discussed before but I would love to see a box set of the original Hellfire Club including a first apperance Emma Frost, Sebastian Shaw, Mastermind /Jason Wyngarde and Donald Pierce.

  3. I just picked up all eight figures at TRU, awesome wave totally worth it. Arnim Zola is definitely my favorite figure in this wave . . . as a bonus my TRU had SDCC Marvel vs. Capcom box sets sitting on the shelf!!

  4. I wouldn't mind having to rebuy all the core characters again especially if they were updated with the new DCNU costumes. I'm hoping DC will wise up and at least do them again as a Toys R Us release, I don't see why they couldn't copy the way the Marvel characters get released.

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