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Folks, Due to a mixture of complaints and general board growth we are going to reboot the haves/wants thread with some Changes to the RULES.

We are going to create a new HAVES/WANTS thread and LOCK the OLD one. After 1 WEEK we will be deleting the old one. This is to remove all of the older posts that are no longer current & clear some of the clutter.

The major rules change is that people are allowed one and only one post for haves/wants, this differs from the original in that we are NOT ALLOWING PEOPLE TO BUMP THEIR POST.

If you post in the thread then that is your spot, for the lifetime of the thread and you edit that post to show changes.

People caught BUMPING will have their trades set to invisible for 30 days.( even those who did it by accident so be careful when editing!) - Repeat infringments will have their posts removed perminantly.

The Last change is No Pictures or images in the thread, they are not needed and make the whole thread slow to load and ugly. People posting images will suffer the same 30 day invisible penalty.

Some of these things seem harsh BUT they are being implemented because it has grown from it's original size/purpose and certain members were abusing the current system.


As always if Anyone has any questions please feel free to contact a member of staff."

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