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Sightings Threads in Flea Market?

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Borrowing a concept from, I was wondering if members would be interested in posting updates in regional Sightings threads? These are threads where folks give updates about where and what Minimates they find "in the wild" so other forum members can take advantage of retail prices. Kinda like the Marvel TRU Wave 18 North East thread.

Would this be ok to do in Flea Market? I can start with a "Southern California Sightings" thread. I know there are a few of us down here who contend with general scalpers who grab anything marked TRU Exclusive. Maybe this will give us MMMV members a fighting chance if we can notify each other before the vultures descended. Thoughts?

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Ok, 51 views and 24 hours later with no replies so I'm going to assume no one has any really strong opposition to the idea. This part of the forum may not be as traversed as other parts so I'm going to put up the thread in the Flea Market and see what happens.

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