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  1. Is Mars' box thick like Moon's or thinner like Mercury's?
  2. December in Japan, January U.S. Looks great, cant wait. I asked for nothing but Amazon giftcards for Christmas......if it ends up being enough for Mars I'll be happy, with some left over to put towards the Green Ranger. Where the hell is Jupiter's pre order? I feel like there is going to be a gap between Mars and Jupiter similar to the Pink and Black Rangers.
  3. Found more pics, including a new face revealed for Jupiter
  4. Pink Ranger and Mercury arrived the other day. My most favorite Ranger and my least favorite inner senshi....both are excellent and only make me yearn for both whole teams even more. Found some new (to this thread) Sailor Moon photos. I want Venus sooooo bad. Have we seen 3 or 4 of Sailor Mars' faces? Eyes closed Yelling Relaxed This is the confusing one, because its only slightly different from the relaxed face but I dont know if it's actually different or just photographed from a different angle: smiley (?) Are these two different faces or one photographed from different angles? If they are different.....not much of a difference there.
  5. The smart people bought Red and Blue, used a link cable and two gameboys to trade away Metapods or Pidgeys for the other two starter Pokemon. I had all 3 from early on and a level 100 Squirtle at one point. I loved those games.
  6. Venasaur does look like a salad. That might have something to do with it.
  7. Found this amazing display stand for Sailor Moon figuarts on Amazon. It lights up! And it's a turntable. 170 bucks though? Ouch.
  8. The only Pokemon I have any affection for is Squirtle, particularly when wearing sunglasses. If they made one the size of Blastoise with an alternate head I'd buy it.
  9. Damnit. Just realized I lost a hand from my Red Ranger. Thankfully it is one of the non dominant blaster holding hands (role call or the sword holding hand would be devestating). Anyway, now I can't sell him so it looks like I'm in for the main 5, and probably Green and White in the gap between Pink and Black. Now I'm getting the Pink Ranger instead of preordering Sailor Mars. Ill make another $40 by January. Question about the Pink Ranger; does she pop apart in middle so the skirt is removable? I ask because on another forum someone wanted the female Yellow Ranger to get a third release featuring a skirt which was on one of those japanese versions (Zyuranger?). It would be more efficient if she just came with the skirt and an extra belt for alternate looks, and the more I look at it the more I like the skirt too.
  10. Thanks to a deal for all of my TWD Minimates I have enough money to get Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars, with $25 left over for something else on Amazon (probably going towards MMPR Pink Ranger) I havent had a job lately so I'm glad that my hobby can be self supporting in financially light times and I am forced to downsize so my room doesnt necessarily look like it belongs to a child. I also noticed that Sailor Mercury was changed to a November 19th release date which means she will be in hand by the end of next week. Yay!
  11. Found this Still want a tray shot if anyone can help me out.
  12. Going crazy trying to find a packaged picture or a tray shot of Sailor Mercury. I cant watch the video reviews because my data plan sucks and this new trend of video reviews instead of photos and write ups is driving me nuts in general.
  13. So, TWD minimates series 5 seems to be lagging super hardcore. Not even a line up yet. You're killing me DST!
  14. I see Neptune/Uranus and Pluto/Saturn 2 packs working better than releasing them as singles. Chibiusa, in her first form, while smaller in stature, could come with enough extras to justify the same price as a single release (Luna ball, hands/faces, whatever weapon she used). A Super Sailor Moon/Super Chibiusa 2 pack would be cool, and even if they gave them less swappable parts, the faces and hands from the first releases would still work on them. I'm still not convinced at this point that they will be creating entirely new sculpts (Chibiusa or Tuxedo Mask) You have to figure that alot of the longevity of this line is because the first 9 releases all share everything between their neck and knees. Maybe I am feeling like Sailor Moon deserves another figure because she is the main character, but I also really like the design of Super Sailor Moon. It's more regal, more colorful. I think it would make a great figure.
  15. I get the feeling the outer senshi wont get a US release. I'd be psyched for a Tuxedo Mask but I don't know if I'm even interested in the outer senshi. After the $200 for the first five my wallet can't take much more, but I'd shell out for Tuxedo Mask, Rini, Queen Beryl, Sailor V or Super Sailor Moon.
  16. I'm not really that interested in the Figuarts Zero statue but if the cutie moon rod is removable and compatible with the Sailor Moon thats already out that would be swell. She has an open hand with slightly closed fingers that I havent been able to figure out what pose its for or why it was included in the first place. Could work for this. If they make another Sailor Moon I would hope it was this outfit because it is dramatically different.
  17. That set up pretty much confirms that Mars and Mercury are incapable of standing by themselves. Makes sense, Mars' big hair/high heels combo and Mercury lacking Sailor Moon's hair for balance.
  18. minijames

    Tru 17

    Wouldn't she just be...Toni Stark? Gawd, that's such an ugly name, lol Tawnie Stark?
  19. Anybody know Sailor Mercury's Japanese release date? October right? I really want to see it packaged/tray shot.
  20. I found all 4 sets in CA but only got the two stickered sets since I have no use for the extra Governer and Im still not thrilled about having an extra Michonne body/cloak once I use the head for my QC prison Michonne. Really happy with Rick and the zombies, Governer is kind of boring.
  21. The hair actually has very good range, and it pops out and right back in with no problem at all. She also comes apart in the middle. At least two things you don't have to worry about breaking.
  22. Oh noooooooo! What part broke? The bicep where the sleeve meets the bare arm was stuck on mine (and still is on one side) but after gently working the dried paint it freed up.
  23. Phat Collectibles in Anaheim and Huntington Beach, they have two locations. 2 Loris to 8 Alice's easy.
  24. I got Sailor Moon today. Worth every penny, no issues. Fun albeit time consuming to pose and then getting the stuff back in the tray is like playing Perfection at times. Love it and can't wait to have them all.
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