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  1. lol why? if you never ask you will never know. i was gonna get a no if i never asked, but since i threw it out there maybe someone will be im gonna do it. stranger things have happened.
  2. its been awhile since i last posted so i was wondering, yesterday was my bday i wanna know if someone will make me a cow mini and ship it for free?
  3. holy crap those are so tight. i want to swim in them like scrooge mcduck.
  4. I like spiderman and wolverine. gimmie more.
  5. just got my zombie black panther, thanks for love. it was like christmas morning all over again.
  6. just movies... G.I. Joe the movie He Man UHF Up in Smoke Killer Klowns from outer space Cobra Running Man Anything Freddy Superman 2 and 3 (just so i can have a richard pryor) Goodfellas Scarface Teenwolf I'm gonna git you sucka(classic)
  7. that is why i love this place. you guys are great. Cow + Minimate Multiverse = Love.
  8. i didnt get 1 but im glad everyone else did. thanks to not being sarcastic.
  9. I called it over a year ago. yay
  10. Series 19 is the best so far, in my opinion.
  11. Can someone tell me were to buy these at?
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