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  1. Invincible rebel moon indiana jones Mortal kombat are my guesses. Would not be mad at any one of them.
  2. New license?? Not sure I heard this anywhere else. Are minimates included with this?
  3. So series 3 and 4 is looking like a possibility?
  4. Oh yeah I remember you meant ok in that a retailer is supposed to be picking up mini-mates, i take it that’s still moving forward.
  5. Well that’s good at least, my wallet will be ready.
  6. Fingers crossed then, thanks for the info!!!
  7. As far as for series 3 and 4. I remember you mentioning a retailer. Is that something that’s still gonna happen down the line?
  8. Whaa…. New retailer you say?? Online or brick and mortar… or both? are the unusual joe sets future con exclusives or separate entities?
  9. This. Add in some battle damaged BAT accessories and alternate heads and we got a stew going.
  10. 4th set not classic cartoon? mirage comic or movie possibly
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