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  1. Yay! Anything else we can keep an eye out for?
  2. Does that go as well for the SDCC/ NYCC joes as well? Will we be able to see those?
  3. Same. Would love to see another wave with soundwave and shockwave In these colors
  4. Are there any hints about what we can expect?
  5. Forreal you can literally get away with army builder packs/ redecos with this line.
  6. Yeah everybody has a blaster except the green ranger and if I’m not mistaken the blasters can change into other things like knifes.
  7. Lol the power rangers all come with blasters at the hip that are very rarely used btw. All the assembled weapons are all the power ranger weapons combined which shoots a big laser beam out of the openings which obliterates any monster in its path.
  8. Take plenty of pics if you’re able to make it! Thanks in advance!
  9. Let the speculations begin thanks Zach!
  10. Does that marvel 6 pack count as wave 83?
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