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  1. Wave 79 characters based on what was shown at the DST convention. With credit to @kastorskorner. Starlord Gamora Darkhawk moondragon Adam Warlock Cosmic Ghost Rider who may be the Build a Minimate Angela
  2. Are there any updates regarding on potentially continuing the mirage line?
  3. I have an extra set of series 7 all except Ezekiel if anyone is having trouble getting them.
  4. In a few of the episodes their eyes go white when their in ninja or "stealth mode".
  5. No problem zach, I just want to say thanks for the amazing lines that have been released and you being an integral part of the minimate community!
  6. There's a mutant tiger who works for the foot clan who goes by the name of tiger claw. He has a boba fett thing going on. I can't attach a picture at the moment
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