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  1. Well mainly RDJ Tony Stark mates but the Iron Man ones are great too.
  2. I'm TheL33tMaster I made this account a while ago and never really got around to using it so... I'm a fan of Dr. Horrible, Evil Dead, and the Tony Stark Minimates.
  3. Mine would have to be Dr. Horrible's sing along blog. 4 pack with Dr. Horrible, Penny, Captain Hammer, and Moist. would come with Freeze ray, Death ray, Clip board, and large ego SDCC Exclusive with Billy and ELE Horrible. Evil Dead Ash and Linda, with Necronomicon, Axe, and shotgun. Scotty and Shelly, with Dagger. Cheryl and "Battle Damage" Ash, with axe and shotgun. variant: Possesed Cheryl. Evil Dead 2. Ash and ED2 Linda, with axe, "Evil" Linda's head, and tape recorder. "One-handed" Ash and Annie, with shotgun, Necronomicon, pages, and Ash's evil hand. "Chainsaw" Ash and Evil Eddie, with Boomstick and Chainsaw. variant: Normal Eddie. Fight Club. One SDCC exclusive Tyler and "Jack", with soap. Dexter One SDCC figure. Psych. 4 pack with Sean, Gus, Lassie, and Harry. Portal. One Chell minimate. How i met your mother Ted and Robin Marshall and Lily Barney and Jerome variant: Dr.Barney American Psycho One Patrick Bateman minimate... with swithable naked body and chainsaw
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