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  1. Those are wonderful character designs! I would love this set! Since we haven't mentioned Kang in the past five minutes, I thought I would show my design for Kang, who will be in one of my upcoming animations. Cheers,
  2. I forgot about those Megablock. I figured there is some licensing thing keeping Lego out right now. I agree with a Hulk set. Imagine a gamma base with Bruce Banner, Hulk, General Ross, army soldiers and a big tank or military vehicle to trash! Other ideas I had: Dr. Doom's castle, X-Men Blackbird, Fantasticar, Dr. Strange's house, etc, all with minifigs. Marvel fans would line up to buy them!
  3. Random blocky toy thoughts... I have noticed a that Lego and Disney have been joining up for Lego sets (Prince of Persia, Toy Story, Cars) and wondered that since Disney now owns Marvel, then maybe Lego can produce Marvel theme sets. Lego has already made Spider-Man sets adapted from the movies. There has got to be a demand. The Lego Batman sets have certainly increased in value. Since Lego likes to include vehicles in sets, there are plenty of Marvel vehicles to make (think Avengers Quinjet, F4 Pogo Plane, etc.). Imagine sets like Stark Enterprises, the Baxter Building, the Danger Room, The Daily Bugle, etc. I would certainly buy them! Not sure how this would work with Hasbro's Super Hero Squad and the Minimate licenses.
  4. My new Minimate Deadpool movie is uploaded. Special thanks to YouTubeDeadpool for providing the voice talents on this one! Look for special guest apperances by Minimate Green Lantern and Star Sapphire.
  5. My Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends homage is up. This is the full episode and not just the opening credits. Enjoy!
  6. These are really funny. To see 3-D Minimate Deadpool take out a ton of faceless Minimate AIM agents. see my video. Special guest appearance by Wolverine! "I think they're AIM Agents. See their yellow safety helmets?" Cheers,
  7. My latest digital custom. Maybe I could work up a script for an Alpha Flight movie soon.
  8. My homage to the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends cartoon is now posted. This is not an entire movie.. just the opening credits from the original cartoon done in Minimate style. This was a load of fun to make. I had to create a few new 3-D models for this movie, including Peter Parker, civilian Bobby Drake (Iceman), Angelica Jones (Firestar), Green Goblin and Dr. Doom, all in 1980s styles, inspired by the cartoon. I have a whole story plotted out that is in production. In the meantime, enjoy this short video. Cheers,
  9. Here's a Green Goblin character I designed for my next movie. Enjoy!!!
  10. I have posted my Captain America and the Invaders movie. This is actually a redo of an old movie I did with "realistic" characters, which were custom models in iClone3. They never looked quite real enough. I had kept all of the old sets and voice recordings, so I decided to redo it with Minimates. I think the end result is better than the previous one. I also improved the special effects (gun bursts, explosions, fog, etc.) and had much better camera control. Enjoy the show!!
  11. It must be the weekend. My 3-D modeling has begun. Behold, the Red Skull model from the Minimate redo of my Invaders animation. He just turned out so good... and EEEEVIL!!!
  12. Old Man Logan and Swordsman packs found at TRU in Metro Atlanta thanks to you folks on the board for telling me they were out. They only had one of each though... No Secret Wars. Finished kids' X-Mas shopping while I was there. Oh.. forgot Metro Atlanta is big... They were at Northlake shopping area. Cheers,
  13. Wow, I gotta say those are some great pics, AND those are some nice sculpts. I'm looking forward to this wave now. I'm gonna hit the TRU tomorrow or Friday at lunch and check on their stock (Metro Atlanta).
  14. Whoa, my classic XMen and XFactor sets are already shipping from AFX. I still haven't got my set 29 & 30 from them.
  15. Here are some Star Trek Minimate test shots. These were too cool to not share. I'm still looking for a low polygon count, decently done bridge set. The hallways, phaser, shuttlecraft and PADD were Google 3D warehouse downloads. I already have several 3D Enterprise models and other Trek stuff to populate an animated short. Cheers,
  16. Black Widow was my wife's voice, with a dropped the pitch. I was trying to make her sound like that Natasha voice from Bullwinkle. I guess it didn't quite work.... Her real unmodified voice is Agent 13's voice. Cheers,
  17. My wave 29 and 30 are FINALLY shipping from AFX. Yay me. I think I ordered them in September, maybe? This has been a slow wave coming...
  18. Hi everyone. The second part of my Captain America Minimate style animation is up. I had a lot of fun with this one. Look out for the homage to the Cap cartoon from 1966 in the credits, done in Minimate style. Enjoy the show!
  19. I made a Green Lantern model last night for animation in iClone. I thought it turned out pretty good and I wanted to share. The face and chest art were lifted directly from the Minimate model. Yes, his ring fires energy in the shape of the lantern. I thought that would be a nice touch. GL is my favorite DC character. I have an idea about a GL spoof animation in the works. Cheers,
  20. Okay, I'm in... We need an Iron Fist remake. I don't want to pay the collector's price for the old one. Here's an Avengers centered set for ya: Tigra/Black Knight Kang/Quasar Justice/Firestar or A-Bomb/Doc Sampson Speedball/Night Thrasher I would like some comics centered Iron Man villians too when IM2 comes out. Crimson Dynamo, Dreadknight and Madame Masque are all good choices.
  21. >>>And we can totally make a Mrs. Garrett custom with that hairpiece! Giiiirrrrrlls! >>>I'm turning Rogue into Jo. >>>I dont have Storm so Ill have to use War Machine for Tootie LOL! Facts of Life 'mates FTW. Blair could be made from Ms. Marvel... Don't know who you could use for Natalie... Kingpin?? Rachel Summers could sub for Molly Ringwald... Maybe it's time for that Diff'rent Strokes boxed set that we've all dreamed of...
  22. We actually have the 90s Wolverine with the Wolverine/Deadpool pack, and I really hope they don't make another one. They really didn't draw him much in the brown costume then, in spite of it being on the cover of X-Men #1. Jubilee was demoted to Generation X when that book came out. A lot of folks forget that Jim Lee drew Uncanny X-Men long before that famous adjective-less X-Men relaunch. The X-Men were scattered by the Siege Perilous then and there wasn't a good cohesive team. Gambit came around during this time. It wasn't until AFTER the relaunch that there were two X-Men teams (blue and gold) and then mullet Bishop came around after that. Personally, I'm a big nut for Claremont/Cockrum/Byrne era X-Men. I guess that is late 70s/early 80s. All I can say is I'm waiting for an Alpha Flight boxed set. 8D
  23. I'm digging the 90's X-Men so far. Maybe these will all be from the famous cover of X-Men #1? 90s Storm is in the Black Panther wave. Gambit and Psylocke we just got. We got Archangel a long time ago. Here's my guesses for the next 3: Jean Grey (Jim Lee version) Hoverchair Xavier Colossus remake Nightcrawler was in Excalibur at the time. Bishop came a few issues later in Uncanny. Jubilee was around then, but for some reason, she's not on that cover. There are still MANY old X-Men favorites that have yet to be made... Sunfire, Banshee, Dazzler, Longshot, etc. There are very few Brotherhood characters.
  24. Yeah, if you're not reading TBolts, you're missing out. It has been consistently good since the relaunch (after that dumb wrestling storyline). I think everyone here is thinking of a classic TBolts team, Super Spidey Piggy. A great boxed set would be: Citizen V MACH 1 Songbird Atlas Fixer and Meteorite (Moonstone) could come later. Cheers,
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