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  1. Series 8 is now showing in stock on BBTS and can be ordered...when are these hitting stores?
  2. Good call on those character waves, there were two Iron man mates in that wave and two Spider Man mates in the Jean Dewolf. I think there was only one Cap mate, would this Deadpool wave be the first comic book wave with the same character (different looks) in each pack?
  3. I agree with you one the fact that there has been a lot of Deadpool love in the last few years, but these might do really well. A Deadpool on ebay at the cheapest is $20+ and that is for the Assemble boxset so this does give people another shot at a basic Deadpool. What interests me is since every set has a Deadpool if this does well does that bode well for future single character based waves? I can't recall this be done out side of the Wolverine movie waves....
  4. I just really want Strife in all of his pointy 90's glory.
  5. I wouldn't worry it is such an easy variant DST will get to it eventually. Every company seems to making this costume lately.
  6. There is a seller on ebay selling the cape for $1.35 plus shipping. Looks like the have a lot.
  7. holy crap that looks good!
  8. As someone who was fully invested in the first run, I am also very happy for the revival. It gives new collectors main characters and those who collected prior just enough new stuff to keep it exciting.
  9. Same here. Predator was the first R rated movie I ever saw. My dad made a bet with my brother and I and we won so he rented it for us. I think was 7 or 8. Mom was not happy. So not only do I love the film for itself it is also attached to fond memories of childhood. Strider that is really cool, I also feel the same way. Me and my sister watched it on TV at my grandparents without my parents knowing when I was 8 and she was 6. They were not happy, but I to this day think the predator is one of the best movie characters of all time.
  10. Don't forget the series 2 Blind box figures they made too!
  11. Many of the blind product have questionable packaging that don't advertise well what you are getting. I don't like blind bags at all (I blame it on my PTSD from my wreck-less CCG days), but I don't blame DST on using a proven effective method of distribution. Almost every kind of mini figure has a blind bag/box type product, and its hit or miss if what they are showing on the package informs about the product.
  12. Not a bad line up, but I would guess noir spiderman over power man. I am also hoping for a squadron supreme member.
  13. I hate our IL hot topics, I always feel like an a$$hole when I go into any of them.
  14. I haven't found them yet, but it looks like Starlord and Spider-Man 2099 are the real standouts from this set.
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