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  1. Two sources for this knowledge: Action Man Cricketeer Set circa 1970's (no longer own). Shaun of the Dead (that I watch about once a month) "You've got red on you..."
  2. You could be right TBT. I have suspected a few of my neighbors of being zombies, before this! They could be organizing...
  3. I have maintained that the packaging is part of the problem with these. Face it, if this line is going to survive or even do half as well as a line like Marvel Legends, they must get sales support from mass market kids. Kids want to see what they are buying and not a box. Mego figured this out right away back in the 70's and switched from a solid box packaging to a window box where kids could see the figures. I just don't understand why the box is so good for Marvel, but the SF minis are sporting clear bubbled cards. You want better sales DST/AA? Show the folks what they are buying! ...steps off soap box...
  4. Definitely zombies! I am such a fam of Romero and movies like Shaun of the Dead! I come out my door and see a small army of SWAT guys walking down my very quiet, very nonchalant, very family-oriented street. I was thinking..."where did I put that cricket bat". Seriously, I am such a geek that things like that do cross my mind. However, the local news made it very clear to me that there were no zombies...
  5. You deserve it pal. Post pics when they get situated in their new home.
  6. No, we like to keep it lively. I never felt unsafe, but I wasn't going to leave the Mrs. alone until the guy was caught. He is still not found as of 10:55am CST.
  7. I emailed MrPL but have gotten no response. I don't think I have She-Thing's email, but he MUST get her in here. C'mon Trevor, join up!
  8. Those Brazilian women are wild. I was just about always on the clock, but they insisted that I go out and party with them. The leader of the group told my boss that it was a requirement that my crew be allowed to "socialize" with them. First time I was ever encouraged to party!
  9. There will be contests in the future that will require you to be a member in order to be eligible. Might as well join up now.
  10. I walk my dog about 5:30 to 6:00 in the AM. We started to go out the front door and noticed SWAT guys carrying machine guns and helicopters hovering overhead. We were told to go back inside. It turns out some guy escaped from somewhere in Texas, came to New Orleans, shot a SWAT captain and ditched a stolen police car in my neighborhood. He is suspected to be hiding in one of the houses and is armed & dangerous. I bolted down the doors and got out my pistol. Once my girl was ready to leave for work, we left together. They still have not found him. You just never know what you are going to wake up to...
  11. Shanester


    Anyone gotten a Cuboyd by Stikfas creator MrBannyJ yet? Just wondering what they are like.
  12. TBT, you might appreciate this story. Before I "settled down" and took a desk job, I was on the road as Dir of Operations for a sports coordinating company. If you won a trip to a sporting event or had a sporting event trip given to you as a corporate incentive, I probably helped put it together. Clients were Coke, Pepsi, Budweiser, Sprint, etc. In 1994 I took a rowdy group of Brazilians from Chicago to Los Angeles for the World Cup matches. The final game was on my birthday that year, July 17. Me, my crew of about 50, and the Brazilians took up an entire Embassy Suites Hotel. I was a much younger Shane and sported a goatee and longer hair. The Brazilians (who spoke little English, I spoke very little Portugese), called me Lexi after Alexis Lalas of the US soccer team. Brazil won the FIFA cup and these guys knew it was my the party began. The leader of the group (this was a group of corporate bigwigs from Kodak SA) told the hotel barkeeper to keep a tray of Tequila shot s and beer going around at all times. The guys dragged me on stage and literally took the instruments out of the hands of the band and proceeded to serenade me all night. I even played some sort of maraccas for a while, but it gets real fuzzy. Worst hang over I have ever had, but one of the greatest memories of my life. We sang, danced and drank all night. I will never forget that.
  13. I bought 5 copies, kept 2, gave two as gifts and sent one overseas.
  14. I need streaming video. This "matchcast" is too boring.
  15. I am waiting to see some product at SDCC before I order. I am trying to stick with a few select lines and this should be one of them.
  16. I almost voted no, but only because of the question. NO, I don't like adverts. Would they be a good way to offset costs for this site? Yes, and I will use them every chance I get. Looks good Ady!
  17. Go England! I just hope Italy gets the mumps or something. If not, I fear us Yanks are out. Anyone know of any webcast sites for the games?
  18. I agree with what has been said and it reflects my own feelings on the line. I get upset with AA/DST for what I consider lack of fan appreciation, but I have no plans to stop my support as a collector. I buy two cases of each wave. My sons really profit as they get full sets of each wave and Dad gets two full sets and 2 sets of variants. I open a set of each and keep a set boxed/carded. Any leftovers go to trades.
  19. Yeah, I agree about the Polar Bear set. I haven't picked up many modern sets, but I like the ones that emmulate the old Adventure Team line. I am sure St. Louis or Chicago is in the works. They like big cities.
  20. Link added...
  21. I loathe advertisments, but think they serve a purpose by funding the costs of a website. A banner ad or banner support link is easily tolerated, but pop-ups will make me want to kick a puppy.
  22. I am not holding my breath, but I would like to see more classic sets or figures. Early Defenders, Agengers, Alpha Flight. That sort of thing.
  23. I wouldn't even say that we do not like Star Trek fans. Personally, I do not have a problem with them, but they have shown a tendancy to argue amongst eachother. Friendly debate is tolerated. Insulting flame wars are not. Mini-mates are all about friendship.
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