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  1. On 3/26/2020 at 4:20 PM, buttheadsmate said:

    You are forgiven .

    Wave 11 is Parker/ Superior SM...........  Spider-Girl/Doc.Cock................ Black Panther/Shuri...........Cap/Peggy Carter.



  2. ok, so just got a chance to open these up and look back at the sdcc pics

    there are only two packs in the maximum Venom wave

    there are some neat new pieces on Hulk with little venom faces popping out all over him and  anew head sculpt,

    and on Venom with back tendrils and a new head sculpt

    Cap gets a new head and shield sculpt

    spider-man comes with an extra head right arm and left leg so you can make a completely  venomized black and white spidey

    good luck finding a "white" head for spidey that has the webbing printed straight as both of the ones i got are messed up





  3. i went out looking today and hit up  three WGs i found the rocket and warlock set i was missing  mixed in with a bunch of old crap at one, nothing at the second and at the third i walked in as the guy was stocking the shelf and he had a case(4 packs) of max venom wave but the box only had two each of cap/venom and spidey/hulk

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