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  1. I'd like more Superior Foes, but Spider-Verse seems like the obvious choice. I'm going to guess Pavitr, Punk, 2099 (since they've just had their profiles raised), Morlun (so it's not just Spider-people), and one other... Sp//dr or UK, maybe?

    Making Paul would be a pretty great publicity move.

  2. I think Ryu, Ken, and lightly-modified Thunderbird hair would get you most of the way to Shang-Chi.

    I can think of two more sets worth of "must-have" Cobras, and the eighth figure is Cobra Commander Fred, which might be stretching things. I think the line will get to to army builders sooner rather than later.

    I know as an obscure driver, Thrasher's never going to happen, and even Road Pig's not terribly likely, but they've got my favourite designs of any Joe characters.

  3. 10 hours ago, DSTZach said:

    Two of those are vehicle drivers, so I'd say less likely than characters not inextricably linked to vehicles.  Vehicles are a long shot unless this line REALLY takes off. 

    That's fair enough, I hadn't realised they were only drivers.  It'd still be cool to see Road Pig, although I imagine other Dreadnoks would come first.

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