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  1. I'm done with the show...thug tears were shed today
  2. I downloaded the demo, and honestly some of the characters have different looks i think it would be worth to release a wave for MvC
  3. It's a badass suit. I hope we get it eventually
  4. dejanon16

    DC Vinimates

    Are you guys allowed to release vinimates from previous movies? Like BvS or Suicide Squad?
  5. Did we get a black costumed iron fist before getting the white one? I'm talking bout this one
  6. dejanon16

    DC Vinimates

    What a time to be alive
  7. dejanon16

    DC Vinimates

    Are we eventually getting arrow vinimates?
  8. Idk if confirmed. But maybe we would have heard something by now
  9. Was he in the game? Can't even remember
  10. I was really hoping for a MvC wave. It looks like Marvel are going all out with the video games, I think DST should look into that in the future, i feel we'll see a lot of original looks
  11. So as i was coming back home from Chicago and i started doodling and i thought. "We have minimates based on MvC and Sony exclusives... can we get a minimate based on the new Spidey game? It would be lit.. just to give an idea i did make a low quality draft
  12. I love everything we are getting. Some i've been waiting for a few years..
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