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Ah, geez =_=

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...And this should be in the feedback, support and suggestions section because?

Seriously Captain Minimate, in future have a little think to yourself before you decide to post.

As for what you should do, well, your only recourse for the time being is to do as Bob's whispered above.

If I were you I'd also be contacting DST's customer service department and asking if they have a replacement chest/back piece.

For what it's worth I don't think you're the only person this is going to happen to. I had to soak my wasp in hot water before I could free the wings from their posts, and even then I could see how stressed the plastic was getting.

E-mail DST. They ought to be able to help.

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*shakes head sadly* Support in this context means technical support. Not 'we're all here for you in your moment of minimate crisis' support.

... regardless of how invaluable a Minimate Support Group would've been for THIS group of folks... :sweat:

And for future notice, questions like these could be addressed either in the Customs thread (for technical MINIMATE support) or in whatever thread in the Crisis of Infinite Minimates/Marvel forum is buzzing about the problem in question. In the case of Avengers#1 Wasp, there's been plenty of discussion on the pesky wing problem I think in this thread.

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