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Mega Bloks does Call of Duty line (swivel biceps)


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I can relate. With all of the new Mega Bloks Call Of Duty product on the horizon i'm actually concerned i may buy a bit too much. The stuff looks that bad *** . I'm getting rid of my other items in order to make room.

I guess i should feel lucky that HALO Mega Bloks aren't exactly the same or i'd truly be broke.

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For those curious about Gears Of War mini figures and their compatibility with Call of Duty Mega Bloks mini figures...


The pics do NOT do them justice. The heads look "right" (appropriate and not out of place or out of scale) on the COD bodies in my opinion and fit without modification. I could have the heads sit a touch higher on the bodies but i like the high vest/ low head look for some reason. The bandana guy (aka Not Cole Train) head looks damn good on the COD body as well.

As far as the Gears Of War figures(bodies) themselves they strike me as what a KO Mega Bloks Call of Duty figure might look like. Less articulation but still enough to be useful to a degree. Very good character representation but lower quality plastic and paint apps. Basically almost identical to but a notch below Mega Bloks before Pre - COD type construction. If i saw these in a discount store i'd pick them up without hesitation as fodder.

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All credit to wiiwhitey for the information and images:

WORTH NOTING: There is officially a 2nd "enemy" figure (the 1st being the Juggernaut / Bomb Disposal Soldier). The Odin Space Station set has a Federation Astronaut which, according to the Call of Duty Ghost's wiki, is a member of the antagonist in the Call of Duty Ghost video game. The bad guys begin to trickle in....
Complete Fall 2014 Call of Duty Mega Bloks line-up walkthrough:
Press release pictures and information now available:
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