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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, some of you may remember me from WAY back in the day on the Art Asylum forums. I used to be AATrekCollector83. I disappeared but I didn't stop collecting! Minimates are in my heart forever and I will collect them for as long as DST keeps pushing them out! I started collecting Vinimates too but I came to the decision to keep my collecting under control and focus on Minimates which means I'm looking for a good home to sell my Vinimate collection. You can view my collection here:!AnAKH2iU77G7gYCBVQIorIOeWi2aTSM I am working on creating a text list of everything I have but I wanted to put feelers out here. Thanks, Brandon
  2. Here are the first of the SDCC 2017 exclusives:
  3. SELECT TOYS LLC All kinds of good stuff in there!
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