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  1. A little disappointed by the lack of leg printing on these figures (yes I know spidey has his leg designs but even then he would usually have some musculature printing as well), I know simplifying tampography was brought up at one point as a cost cutting measure , but all these figures having completely blank legs makes them feel straight out of 2006

  2. Man those really have to be the most dead on arrival sets I’ve ever seen, I can’t possibly envision these making it past the preorder stage, why you take a line which is already underperforming and elect to follow it up with the one of the most obscure and unloved corner or the property is beyond me

  3. Yep probably modern young avengers then, Bishop, Chavez, Wiccan, Speed, Hulkling and kid Loki, 7th members may be Stature

    Would make perfect sense too considering almost all of these characters have been recently introduced in the mcu from properties dst didn’t make figures for

  4. Young avengers would certainly fit the bill in terms of number of members, but pretty much every recent iteration has at least two women, frequently Chavez and Bishop, so I can’t imagine them not making both of them if that were the case

  5. I’d really have to see what the packaging on this thing looks like, if the figures are posed inside and it makes for a nice looking display, then sure, if not and the just vanilla posed the whole way around, then nah, only got room for one of each character in my mcu setup, and none of the figures  here would knock off the ones I already have up

  6. It looks like the helmet and beard on red Guardian is one sculpted piece, now how much do you want to bet it won’t line up with the eyes or mouth? Great looking figures though

  7. Well, I’ve been on a John Wick kick the last few days, and against my better interests/paranoia that the boxset will probably be canceled, I preordered the set, and picked up Dillon from aliens to kitbash Lance Redicks character, please god don’t let this set get canned

  8. interesting that both the minimate and marvel legends of team suit cap have the Avengers 1 helmet, wonder how that comes into play

    everything else looks great, but definitely would have preferred to get normal Thor and Cap over Widow and War Machine, neither of those figs really bring anything new to the table, especially War Wachine

  9. Called that dst would include a figure that could’t be changed around and everyone is gonna have doubles of, also Nebula is inaccurate, she’s supposed to have a big gold/orange section on her face now, and hawkeyes hair is pretty disappointing, and we better not get Cap and Thor in the quantum suits and not get their cool new outfits because of it, but I guarantee it’s happening 

  10. 2 hours ago, nandoninny said:

    yeah, i remember all of us being surprised when they hit walgreens -- in fact, i remember asking someone to at least tell us the lineup since they couldn't post pics.  i think they hit earlier than expected.  i do remember the press release too but it was a few days after i'd found a complete set.

    i'm trying to remember if infinity war was the same way.

    i remember finding sets and not being able to buy them.  that sucked.  ?

    anyways, just take this as excitement on our end.  

    The first Infinity War series leaked on ebay a while before it was revealed, the second wave didn’t and took forever to pop up everywhere

  11. We’re getting endgame stuff, we haven’t seen it yet because we’re not supposed to yet, we weren’t supposed to see any of this stuff from any companies yet, except for lego, I think they get special exceptions, I’ve heard march 31st rumored as the date companies can start revealing stuff and apparently thats also the street date for most things

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