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  1. My wish list:


    Weapon X (with helmet)

    Banshee (Giant Size version)

    Sunfire (Giant Size version)






    Silver Samurai


    Abomination (bulked up)

    Planet Hulk / World War Hulk (bulked up)


    The Amazing Bag-Man


    Black Knight

    General Marvel



    Next Wave


    Stan Lee (a civillian one and maybe a 4/5-pack like Deadpools Assemble! box)


    Gambit (90's)

    Storm (90's)

    Juggernaut (bulked up)


  2. It just happened in São Paulo the latest edition of Lollapaloza. Among the best-known bands we had Nine Inch Nails (the most amazing show we had today!), Phoenix (incredible too!), Muse, Imagine Dragons, Cage The Elephant and Julian Casablancas. Some brazilian bands like Nação Zumbi and Vespas Mandarinas sang too, which I highly recommend even if you don't understand anything in portuguese. Unfortunately I've seen by tv only... I wish I could have gone.

    And tomorrow we'll have Arcade Fire, Soundgarden, Pixies, New Order, Jake Bugg, Vampire Weekend and a few more. I recommend two more brazilians bands: Raimundos and Brothers of Brazil.

    You can listen to them through the site, by clicking in the name of the bands and then "Ouvir" button.

  3. Well, only a few concerts worth here, but only in social places like SESC or SESI (I'm supposing you knew them). Private concerts are really expensive because of "Brazil tax", like all the rest. Major fees, high profit and a lot of other things that we have here unfortunately. So you didn't lose much... That's why "international" bands doesn't come so often: high costs.

    Thanks, I guess. lol. And it's Mancha Verde and Palmeiras, the bigger rival of my team.

  4. The first (that I missed) was in Rio de Janeiro (where you lived, I suppose, being a Vasco fan) on Rock in Rio. The second in Itu, a smaller city close to São Paulo (where I live), on the SWU Festival. And the third in São Paulo on Lollapalooza, where they did the whole world premiere of the ...Like Clockwork album, "My god is the sun". It was amazing!

    And to don't lose the opportunity, I support the Corinthians!

  5. Very cool, i would love to see a tutorial if you were inclined. What tablet/app are you using? Also brand of waterslide decals/sealent? All of the Papilio waterslide decals I've tried end up leaving the adhesive on the paper backing instead of the decal. I switched to adhesive film because of this.

    I second that!

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