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  1. So the pre order for these just showed up on and they have the group shot with Rouge in it. I know shes not coming out but if anyone wanted to see what she would of looked like, head on over there.

    thanks for the heads up.

    rogue's hair is from P5 Emma Frost and it's an all white body. Hmmm... that's an easy custom (i think).

  2. im excited for the Mystique minimate. i've always wanted an all blue Mystique, thanks DST!

    too bad about Rogue though. i wanted her in that costume.

    Zach, aside from the prototype shown in the convention, where there any Rogue figures made before Fox asked you to replace her with Storm? like do you guys have a handful of the figures made in your factory when Fox asked you to stop?

  3. I'm really excited for this movie, but I'm puzzled by how they're going to explain Professor Xavier walking and Beast not being blue yet. I thought maybe they sent Wolverine back to before that happened, but if that's the case then what is Xavier so disheveled for?

    This movie is in the 1970s so it is after the wheelchair incident.

    Apparently Beast has Hulkout style things.

    As for Xavier, perhaps the film explains something. At least I hope it does.

    I'm curious how they would explain prof x walking again. i hope it would sound logical.

    at first i thought Magneto has something to do with, but we see him walking without Magneto.

    also, i have a question regarding the after/mid credit for The Wolverine. That was supposed to be set on the present right? so from the present, until the DOFP "future" Magneto, Prof X have been fighting Sentinels? to quote Magneto:

    "There are dark forces moving, new forces, building a weapon that could bring about the end of our talent. Logan, I want your help."

    DOFP is set on the 70's right? so why is Mags talking about the Sentinels like it's something new to them? that's just confusing for me.

    and yeah, i'd take a Quicksilver minimate over a Halle Berry Storm.

  4. I'm just relieved they released the updated Emma Frost figure. i had to hunt her down and paid alot for her but she was worth it.

    i wanted the Phoenix Five Cyclops. I don't care if the armor limited his arm articulation. i just wanted a 6 inch P5 action figure.

    Hmm... i wonder how much the prototype got sold on ebay.

  5. I've got packaged sampels of ASM2 and Cap 2, so those will be seen shortly. THe others, I have no idea.

    But I'm excited to see the DOFP samples, too, especially now that we've replaced one of them with a different character.

    Please be Rouge... please be Rouge... please be Rouge... please be Rouge.

    What a waiste of a slot, a character cut from the movie.

    so you like red?
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