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  1. 15 hours ago, Padrino said:

    Locking in my guesses now:

    -two new villains (Goblin Queen and S'ym/N'astirh)

    -two heroes in new looks (Magik and possibly leather bikini Storm or a longshot would be Goblin Princess Meggan),

    -one previously made (but long overdue) villain (Mister Sinister)

    -one micro-figure (Baby Nathan).

    Yeah, I think it’s going to be Wolverine’s Dad still.  It gets us the main players of this classic What If? 

  2. 2 hours ago, Padrino said:

    I’m thinking the other slot is for Goblin Queen. And the alternate look is likely Magik. 

    So, Sinister, Maddy, Dark Child, Wolvie’s Dad and maybe a demon.

  3. I have to say, an army builder 4 pack is really what I hear people talk about. Whether it’s two joes and two cobras or three cobras and a joe if an all cobra pack isn’t an option. This always makes me appreciate the work and care of the MAX line. That 4 pack with Kate and the others took the multiple purchase cake until the StrikeForce wave came out. Fingers crossed that we get something that sells like hot cakes. Know that crowd funding isn’t a preferred way forward for this but I would be on the hook minimum for 8 packs as my addiction likes 7 of every army builder whilst my boy scout side likes to keep one mint in box. 

  4. On 3/22/2024 at 6:13 PM, Padrino said:

    This must be Sinister, since Scott and Jean's looks did not debut until the 1990's

    So that gives us one slot in the Inferno set taken.

  5. On 3/12/2024 at 11:25 AM, NerdyTrev said:

    That wasn't always true. 
    (Hail Ivan!)

    For Marvel Series 86 is based on a 1990s storyline, and has two new characters, plus one who has only been done animated. Series 87 is an 80s storyline allegedly mutant related, and has two new characters again, plus one in a new outfit that is very different from the one we have. Is likely Inferno. 

    new characters: N’Aistra or however you spell it. The new outfit character is probably Illyana but could be a red herring for Maddy or Cable.

    I could see:

    Dark Child (Silver Armor)

    Goblyn Queen (Tamer)

    Naistra (those Demon wings from DND)


    Goblin Wolverine’s Dad 

    pack in baby Cable in a telekinesis bubble like dungeon master.  Although I’d prefer Gateway. 


  6. Thinking it through… could the “Inferno” set have a baby Cable with it encased in a ball similar to the dungeon master? That’s a way to show off a character we have in a way we definitely don’t have him in.

  7. On 1/25/2024 at 4:06 PM, funkguerilla said:

    Nothing against Firestar - she is great and deserves a newer Mate - but man, if we're talking about character Redos for the Clone Saga, it's gotta be a White Suit Doc Ock.

    I mean, really, Kaine's gotta have someone to murder.

    I completely forgot about White suit Doc Ock!

  8. 6 hours ago, Navaan said:

    I would prefer a Marvel Now Magik but a Goblin Queen in her crazy black crop top outfit could be used for a lot of customs, as could Darkchylde hoof legs.

    Having a think. Spider-Man Clone Saga could easily be:

    Redo: Spider-Man in the Dan Jurgens Costume

    Redo: Firestar she was around as Spider-Dan became a New Warrior and had a crush on her.

    Animated: Jackal.

    New: Puma.

    New: Kaine.

  9. 58 minutes ago, Navaan said:

    I would prefer a Marvel Now Magik but a Goblin Queen in her crazy black crop top outfit could be used for a lot of customs, as could Darkchylde hoof legs.

    Depending on the Illyana they can leverage the Battle Beast mold.

  10. 19 hours ago, BuffaloDelorean said:

    Clone Saga with Jackal or Kaine would make sense for the 90's set.

    If the 80's one is Inferno, Darkchylde Magik could be the very different costume, with Wolverine, Sinister, Maddie, and a Marauder or demon.

    80s X-men has a lot to cover! From the end of Dark Phoenix to the Brood Saga all the way to the Siege Perilous storyline with Lady Mandarían. As much as I would want Inferno, Fall of the Mutants also exists in that era. Perhaps Malice as Polaris is the alternative looked character since the tooling for Darkchylde could be expensive. I did manage to kitbash one in the silver version so maybe it’s not too hard. 

  11. 1 hour ago, buttheadsmate said:

    Trivia time .

    Most everything in my toy/Minimate collection,in the last 20 years,has arrived in the post,packaged from the USA & Japan .

    Consequently I have a pretty unique collection of x-acto knives & box-cutters that have been included (accidentally) in my packages . I have several :D 

    Further irony is that it is very difficult to buy any sort of 'knife' or 'blade' on UK eBay /many other online stores. 

    Asleep yet ?

    Lol I’m surprised you haven’t been flagged on a list!

  12. 26 minutes ago, Smashmaster12 said:

    Thank you!! I don’t talk a lot here but I certainly am passionate about stuff. 

    Life and depression got in the way. Honestly I’ve been thinking about going back to it the past couple of months. Maybe I will, even if it’s not all Minimate stuff. Thanks 🙂

    We can tell and thank you for the chart and your thoughts! Sorry that depression and life got in the way and I also look forward to the return of the channel.

  13. As a long time collector, I’m annoyed but agree from the brand health perspective, we haven’t had a Spider-Man Wave since 2020 and this should do well for newer fans especially with the movie streaming etc. I just don’t see a need to buy multiples of this set which I typically do. 

    They are pretty. I just don’t see this set as something for me. I wish we were getting Marvel mates every quarter.

  14. 11 hours ago, BuffaloDelorean said:

    The GI Joe Super 7 retro figures make even less sense to me than the ones they do for modern properties, they're simpler than the actual vintage figures at the same scale.

    The Super 7 figures confuse me to no end. I get the nostalgic aspect but I can’t imagine how they keep selling out. I also get insanely jealous at how deep the toyline has gone with the Joes and the army builder fun of it all. Maybe one day.

  15. 21 minutes ago, Gmonkey2k said:

    Idk, Miguel looks pretty nice, especially with the arm-thorns.

    Does he look 40 bucks nice?

    I may order a set out of loyalty to Luke but candidly this wave screams skip. So many of these are repeats that I just don’t need or want but I’m happy for those that are happy. 

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