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  1. On 5/6/2024 at 2:19 PM, SCW said:

    Joe is very much a nostalgia property. Every time they try something new, it either reverts back to ARAH or if moves away from ARAH it dies. GI Joe 25th is a perfect example of this. It went from two single box sets to absolutely DOMINATING to the toy aisles for a few years, they moved away from ARAH and it quickly died off. Classified started as sort of a "modern take on Joe in 6 inch" with more military and sci-fi mixed in, but not necessarily classic designs. It did okay but stumbled a bit. As soon as they switched to straight up ARAH, it took off.

    You can pepper in SOME new stuff of course, but ARAH is what keeps it afloat. There are also big AT and even Super Joe fandoms out there as well. But there's nothing "new" with Joe that's connected with people in decades.

    I think the Joe MMs weren't as successful because a lot of issues with rollout and it was the same ol' stuff we usually see as the launch for Joe. The GI Joe Megos failed because they launched with SS and SE, which IMO is a mistake even though they are arguably the most popular Joe characters, Mego collectors didn't want those figures first. You're not going to get Joe fans to jump into a new format just cause of SS and SE, they have 800 versions of those guys. A new version of them doesn't excite them. From a business perspective it makes sense on the surface, but two seconds of digging under the hood you can see why it's a mistake.

    MMs issue was not so much character selection, though that was an issue, as it was not playing to the format's strengths. What was the #1 thing everyone here asked for? Army builders. That would have appealed to MM collectors and Joe collectors as opposed to another SS and CC. But that's been beat to death.


    If we “can’t” do an army builder Boxset straight out, I’d reco doing characters that *could be* army built without too much hassle to encourage multiple Boxset purchase.  For example Fred: Crimson Guard, Raven: Plane Cobra, a BAT, Rock N Roll with pieces for Grunt and then a “Twin” with parts for a twin. A simple 4 pack that people would need at least two of with 3 characters that wouldn’t annoy you to have multiples. 

  2. 3 hours ago, TheMinimateKing30 said:

    The stuff with the blue/purple on Goblin's cape, yeah. I can see it.

    But Kaine? IDK. Maybe it's my neurodivergent ass not cooperating right, but I don't see the issue everyone has with the blue on Kaine. It's a little underdetailed, perhaps, but the color and application is fine.

    Really, the only thing he's missing, as others have noted, is the forearm spikes. The lack of them kinda blows, IMO, but it's not a major drawback for me when the incredible amount of effort taken with the rest of the figure's sculpting is taken into consideration.

    ND to ND you’re not alone. My “grievances” are the spikes and the lack of unwindswept parts. Otherwise perfection. 

  3. 20 minutes ago, Trekker 42 said:

    Probably doesn’t help that he was, I think, the first Angel Minimate produced that wasn’t an Archangel. 
    We didn’t know if we’d get another one!

    There was that weird era where they mixed up the variant Angel (FA) and Halo blue Angel that also drove confusion. I weirdly had a few of both but that X-Factor one was a bane. I got over it because Angel only wore the costume for less than a year and you could use Archangel with the box set but those were sad times. 

    35 minutes ago, minifigvig said:

    whilst questing for thine grail…


    how good does it feel to see the figure you want being sold in a lot that’s about the same cost (or less) than what people are trying to sell for the loose single figure?

    i finally got rachel summers and now a second FA angel this way lol

    I also love seeing the inverse. I saw a bundle of common figures that the seller was asking HUNDREDS for. 

  4. 8 hours ago, Trekker 42 said:

    I’m betting that the difference for Transformers and Joe is that, as a property, Transformers is more widely liked than GI Joe. 
    Numbers alone, Transformers has had multiple billion dollar films and it’s rare that a Transformers show isn’t running on some network. 
    Joe on the other hand has had two commercial failures and, I believe, one modest success that led nowhere. There hasn’t been a GI Joe cartoon since somewhere around 2011 it seems (and even then that looks like was a miniseries.)

    People who give a fuck about GI Joe *REALLY* give a fuck about GI Joe. But it’s more of a pure nostalgia property than a living ongoing brand. Maybe that’ll change with the next one, but that’s going to be a Transformers crossover. So Joe just can’t seem to stand on his own. 

    The minimates kick fucking ass though. I don’t give much of a fuck about GI Joe (despite liking Retaliation a lot) but even I think I’m gonna crack and buy the damn minimates soon. 

    Well, I think the messaging with Joes is the problem as the Military hasn’t had a consistent popular sentiment rating since Iraq. The Gen Alpha Honey Badgers being raised by Millienials and Gen X probably won’t connect with these and their mission ever. I am thinking of it as the pívot the brand had to make after Vietnam. That’s how we got the space force etc that May be in the box sets we get this summer. 

    6 hours ago, cylonchaney said:

    I was too old for Transformers. I watched the show anyway but was definitely too old for the toys. Maybe that's why I'm not bothered with the feature. Also I've always found non-transforming toys look more like the cartoon character which I like.

    As for Trek, you're pouring my heart out here. LOL Less concerned about Next Gen since I made my crappy customs. They look not too bad in my display case. Would love a factory molded Klingon head though.


    My envy for your trek… it’s palatable. I’m currently learning how to make decals just for this reason as I think the ship sailed, crashed, and the remains went through a worm hole. 

    5 hours ago, hellpop said:

    Yeah, I think this is a good read. I think we tend to conflate the two in our minds, but I think Transformers is significantly more popular.

    Robots > Soldiers always. Hopefully the Energon Universe revitalizes the brand. I’ve been loving the comics. 

  5. 2 hours ago, cylonchaney said:

    I have a feeling that if this forum had reactions, you'd be getting a lot of thumbs up on this post. Completely agree with your Joe analysis. Disagree slightly on Transformers. I'm surprised they're not more popular.

    Not that I know anything about the toy biz other than buying. LOL

    I love the Transformers mates but part of the magic is they transform… our mates do not and have slightly limited movement. They are beautiful but as a kid could I play with them or would I rather buy something that transforms? This is a nostalgic buy for me. Whereas Joes fit the play pattern and in some ways are superior to the other toys offered like Super7. On principle, Super 7 and Minimates share a similar structure of same mold slight variations on the characters (not sure I’m articulating that correctly). Where Minimates wins is the articulation and the interchangeable parts. They have managed to have perceived success because of the amount of skus and the variation in characters imho. 


    38 minutes ago, buttheadsmate said:


    Why doesn't someone tell me that I am repeating myself ?

    Why doesn't someone tell me..............



    Much of what is being said about GIJoe retreads could be applied to several other Minimate licences.

    The classic example would be Star Trek Minimates . I know for sure that I am repeating myself but the first two waves incorporated 13 'mates which were identical from the waist whilst several were duplicated from the waist up !   The line eventually 'opened out' & maybe the Joe line will?  






    My OG Star Trek disdain grows by the moment. I am so frustrated we can’t get to TNG which I consider “my” trek because we keep recycling the OG. Even then just give me three boxsets following Mmpr wave 2. One red shirt, one yellow shirt, one blue shirt and an alien with heads for variations and call it a bloody day. Even if you can’t do all the heads in one Boxset then just follow the formula and give us a Klingon, A Borg, a Romulan. 

  6. 8 hours ago, Strider said:

    I am going to keep on hoping the line continues but I am not a good judge since I still hope that somehow LOTR resurrects and I finally get that canceled wave of figures. 

    I just feel dumbfounded that the line has stalled so quickly. Out of all the IPs out there not named Marvel or DC I would have thought this would have been the best fit. Crazy to think how many waves of Ghostbusters we got compared to GI Joe. Only thing I can think of is over saturation of the market killed the demand. I mean there’s Classified, Reaction, Ultimates, Mezco One:12 and Hiya. There may be even more that I am not aware of.

    I’m used to my role as playing the voice of dissent here. I respectfully don’t think it’s over saturated I just don’t think it connected for a few reasons. 1. Clarity that there would be an exclusive cartoon set that would be followed up with two waves with a higher price point and odd box. 2. The two waves had half the characters from the first box set. The con exclusive was also retreads of 3 figures and a lesser known comic entity. 3. The extended (but justified) rollout. 4. Distribution/access.


    Less we forget the original box set sold out same day. 

    Having only 16 slots, and 11 of them being the same 4 figures, was a choice. It just makes the play pattern harder and makes it harder to justify the price point. It’s easy for me to arm chair quarter back but the footlockers should have been com exclusives and the vhs boxes should have been the mainstream buy. I am thrown that we got more Transformers done then GiJoe. I love them but the transformers mates aren’t even in the same league as the Joes. It’s odd there are more.

  7. Well, I think that’s the issue. If fans of a license and fans of a toyline aren’t willing to buy the figures at full price that sends a message that there isn’t interest. Hopefully something shifts for this line. I firmly believe  that an army builder pack would sell out and drive interest in this line.

    Even a box set like turtles where it’s 5 figures. Off the top of my head. 

    a BAT

    a Crimson Guard

    a twin with parts for the other. 

    a Joe like clutch/rock n roll that can easily convert into another character

    Zartan with multiple heads and or shape changer parts. 


  8. On 4/22/2024 at 8:20 AM, TheMinimateKing30 said:

    No, I mean, I liked the new Elektra as well, just... IDK. I'm not sure how much room it could've taken up in the box set, but some alt. parts for a more neutral mask and sash would have been welcome if you just wanna pose her normally.


  9. 17 hours ago, NerdyTrev said:



    Except that Wolverine didn't wear the Fang costume in these comics . . .


    HOWEVER, Uncanny #162 (which is the issue where the infected Wolverine comes from) does feature Fang's death at the hands of the Brood aliens. So, if it were to go down that way then the box would need to advertise Fang proper and come packaged with an additional, swappable Wolverine head.


    Personally, I'd just prefer the infected Wolverine because

    a.) it's a Cockrum design, so automatically striking and interesting enough to warrant the additional Wolverine variant
    b.) it'll have funky pearlescent pants which are always neat
    c.) I'd hate to only have two Imperial Guard members and its Gladiator and . . . Fang . . .

    Unless we're getting Starbolt, Hussar, Manta, Earthquake, Oracle, Warstar etc.  I'd rather just have Gladiator.

    Well, we could eventually get a third Imperial Guard member in Smasher through the Avengers if DST was generous they might even give us the Male chest block in addition to the female one but I see your point. A play pattern I had since the 90s was just to lump the StarJammers with the Imperial Guard since we only had Guardian and Warstar. 

  10. 16 minutes ago, TheMinimateKing30 said:

    More reasonable.

    Thanks. If people want to Army build they can have a Guard Fang, a Kitty, depowered Binary, and a cape Deathbird. The three Starjammers though… well who doesn’t need multiple Green things. 

  11. 4 hours ago, TheMinimateKing30 said:

    Ah, damn. MB. I didn't know there were two different designs.

    Still, I think I'd rather see a new Brood-infected character and not just a copypasta of Wolverine. That way, armybuilding can be a thing for the Brood.

    Slight suggestion: 

    Fang Wolverine with Daken Claws and alternate heads. 
    Ch'od & Cr'reee and the Bug.

  12. 1 hour ago, Nessex said:

    Kaine and Jackal look dope! 
    Kanie's design never struck me as especially practical looking... more a case of riding the wave of flowly caped, dark/edgy characters that Spawn epitomised in the 90s.... but in pink! I think they've captured the essence of his windswept hair and cape and 90sness perfectly. 

    I agree I just hate windswept anything without a neutral option 😆

  13. 7 hours ago, buttheadsmate said:


    Lockjaw as a pack in figure? :no:

    I wouldn't mind a set of Inhumans but it needs to be said that the animated Medusa was superb & very un-animated  looking & inexpensively plentiful on eBay . The same 2-pack had a rather dull (lazy design -sorry ) Black Bolt ...but he's OK .  What I'm saying is ....I'm not sure an Inhumans set is timely?



    I used a First Class Jean Grey head on it and forgot about it until you just brought it up. 

  14. 3 hours ago, Freaqualizer said:

    I have Luke’s Cardiac custom, and he’s stupendous! I would also love an official Cardiac. Because the character is just so epic looking. I do think Cardiac would be considered an anti-hero. 

    I love this custom so much.

  15. 30 minutes ago, nandoninny said:

    gonna put this out there, am i the only one who would love a CARDIAC figure?  

    is he an anti hero?  probably not really........

    but love me some erik larsen spider-man!

    I think I remember Spector Creative saying something about the characters usage rights made him problematic. 

    One of my toy friends just suggested Deadly Foes of Spider-Man and I hope he’s right.

  16. 3 hours ago, TheMinimateKing30 said:

    Oh, God, not a Battle-Damaged Spider-Man. That's giving me MAD Friends and Foes box set flashbacks 💀

    Honestly, the goal is to not only get a new Electro, but just get new looks for most of the classic villains that don't rely on the animated stuff to do so. I cannot BEGIN to describe to you how EXHAUSTED I am in seeing the classic Green Goblin design in the comic book releases and ONLY that version. A Marvel Knights or Thunderbolts Goblin, IMO, would go HARD. Hell, I'd take a Final Chapter-styled Green Goblin if it meant we had just a BRIEF break from the classic design.

    I hear you on this. I feel like I have the same figure 17 times over. And I barely wanted one. I vaguely recall that the new costumes weren’t selling well but that might be a Legends topic. 🤷🏻‍♂️


    2 hours ago, BuffaloDelorean said:

    As a Thunderbolts fan, a Sinister Syndicate set would be pretty great, and the Wrecking Crew with a better classic Thor also seems like it'd be a good fit for this format.

    I would love this but good luck getting my custom crew out of my hands! 


  17. On 4/14/2024 at 2:44 PM, NerdyTrev said:

    Star-Lord has received a comics figure. Hail Ivan.

    But, to your point, a modern-classic set of Guardians of the Galaxy characters would be terrific. In the navy blue/red uniforms emulated in the last movie. It could just be the core five characters from the movies with a Cosmo pack-in figure. Although, based on how Spider-Ham looks in the upcoming "Spider-Verse" assortment, I would trust them to do justice with a Rocket Raccoon mini-figure, freeing up a spot for an additional character like Phyla-Vell or Adam Warlock.

    Speaking of which. . .

    I would also advocate for a seventies-era Jim Starlin Warlock set.
    pack in Pip the Troll, based on the same confidence in the Spider-Ham figure.

    The Avengers Time Suit 4 pack, to me, was pure bliss and the go forward for all team uniforms. I’d happily buy multiple of a GOTG set in those costumes. Also Alcolytes, X-Factor (ok it’s was just Scott and Jean but relax), New Mutants (x-edition), Hellions, and more. 

  18. Just now, buttheadsmate said:

    Re Alpha Flight #1 & #2 .......I bought many ....many more when they were discounted ......I wish I hadn't :blink:

    Lol I bought so many I put heads on Vindicator/Guardian bodies to give them team uniforms. 


    20 minutes ago, NerdyTrev said:

    I think that the Spider-Man we're about to get in the next "wave" could be the most definitive since the original from more than twenty years ago! Of course, the final verdict will have to wait until they are in hand. 

    I think proximity to other releases is an important, often overlooked factor here. If we're getting ALL these Spider-Men now, then maybe a set of just friends and foes isn't so absurd?

    The TRU waves often felt like mismatched assortments of random characters because they were the place the essential figures went that did not otherwise have a home. Why is Fantomex packed with Mr. Negative? Because there wasn't a fifth slot available in the Uncanny X-Force box set! Vindicator and Box exist in a non-Alpha Flight related wave because the two Alpha Flight box sets had just released and it made sense for them to be available concurrently. Same for the Outback versions of Havok and Storm to line up with Series 47. 

    There isn't a straight answer here. I totally understand why a set of Spider-Man characters without Spider-Man is a total bummer move. However, if there were to be a hypothetical release of solely Spider-Man villains, would it not be beneficial to put on the back of the box advertisements for the other Spider-related minimates? Seems like we're getting TWO in the very near future. That's already ten additional Spider-characters collectors can look out for.

    Minimates used to have a "Collect Them All!" mentality (corroborated by the back of older boxes showcasing droves of characters and even saying the words), but now it feels more like "eh, get em if ya see em."

    I whole heartedly agree with you and grieve TRU often. The reality is we are getting 15 full sized minimates a year (with the 3 smaller characters potentially) so we have to be realistic. I never in my life expected to own a Vindicator action figure I after the ToyBiz one. She’s still a proud possession. So getting a Minimate of Heather was unreal! We really had it good then and hopefully will have it good again. Ideally, if we were stuck in this model of 3 Marvel releases a year I would hope DST started a crowd funded option to drive buzz. For me a four pack Acolytes Vs X-Men that featured a male/female character in both suits with additional heads to make all the Acolytes and maybe parts for larger ones or  more costumes ones like Senyaka paired with the “New X-Men” X uniform that Moonstar was released in as a Marvel Legend would be EPIC. Add in a Green costume Jamie Maddrox with different heads and I’m in heaven. I just don’t think they are open to it if we can’t even get a GI Joe Army Builder Pack. Yes, different companies, different contracts, different yadda. But the message I’m getting is crowd funding is off the table.

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