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  1. ...Azetlor might have sent me Merks by now.... And they are mainly good and stuff, just time consuming and keeping me busy. I don't know if they'll be short lived, but I have to hope I'll learn to manage them better soon enough.
  2. Huh. Apparently my White Ranger is going to be here tomorrow. This is good news.
  3. Hey guys. Been super busy but I haven't forgotten about this. Prizes are all ready to go, I just have to manage to get to the post office when they're actually open. ASAP, I promise.
  4. Hey everyone. Been a while. I have a bit of news. TTFC and I are going on a hiatus for an unknown amount of time. My life has gotten far more complicated than I ever expected it to and I just don't have as much free time to do quality fights as I would like. I'm not leaving the multiverse or shutting down all together. I will still do fights when I get the chance and I'll try to update minimates central with older fights too as I get time. Hopefully we'll be back on track soon and everything will be as violent as it ever was.
  5. Winners! Winner! No chicken dinners. In third place, with an old man punching a green man, Bob Harris!! In second place, with an Ice blast to some Deadpool face, intot!!! And the winner, because everybody loves to see hot girls beating the crap out of each other, Earlyfrost!!! Hooray for everyone. That was awesome. Oh, what's that, voice in my head? The random winner from the people who voted? I did forget about that. Thanks, awkardly self-aware brain activity. The random vote winner is, luke314pi!! Hooray some more. Awesome times. Everyone PM me your addresses and I will get things sent off as soon as I get the chance. And thank you all for making my first contest a fun old time. It was great and I'll try to do more down the road. kiiind of surprised that no one went for the punching me in the face option. Figured that would have been a huge draw.
  6. New fight, New fight, tralala la la! Stay tuned later today, when the winners of the first ever TTFC contest will be announced. Over in the contest section. Not here. That would be weird. Edit: or tomorrow. Whatever. I'm pretend busy.
  7. Along. I let it go a bit longer than planned but voting is now closed. I will do all the counting stuff and post winners in probably a day or two.
  8. Hey, so contest time is over and votes must now be put out there so winners can win and losers can go home and cry. So we're going to straight up steal the voting system Lurch seems to favor. PM votes to me in this order: 1) Best. Punch. Ever. (Favorite) 2) That was pretty good (Second favorite) 3) My grandma hits harder than that! (Third favorite) Feel free to vote for yourself. You are awesome. Your first favorite gets 3 points, 2nd gets 2 points and 3rd gets 1 point. Voting will go from now until, well, let's say next Friday, September 20th at 10pm central. And then winners will be announced when I can come up with something clever to do to them. probably a day or two later. Remember, you can win an awesome SDCC translucent blue minimate just by voting, so what do you have to lose right? VOTE! And now, the entries that weren't disqualified for being Ivan. (Sorry Ivan, nothing personal. it was a photo contest after all. One day there will be a 3D modelling contest and you'll win all the prizes.) Bob Harris: DocEndo: Earlyfrost: intot: Lurch77: Prowlar: Ryme: Shogi: sky_dive: Zexion_Armando: Zombie Shakespeare: VOTE!!!
  9. That's it. The contest she is ended. Voting will begin later today. Thank you all for coming. Tip your admins on the way out.
  10. No fight today. I was hoping I'd get some free time this afternoon to do it but that just doesn't seem like it's going to happen.
  11. 17 parts if you the pin in each knee joint.
  12. Busy busy busy. Sorry all. But now, something..... Fight #63 Also, if you haven't entered THE CONTEST yet, you should. There's a week left.
  13. Hail Ivan. Just a week left. Get to punchin'!
  14. No new fight this week, but later today when I manage to get some time I'll put up a few old fights in the new format for your viewing enjoyment.
  15. You're fine, I don't know what this nonsense effect is, but I like it. I just don't want people photoshopping in a bunch of stuff. Practical images only, but an effect such as that is fine. Also, great stuff so far.
  16. No. Each fighter must meet the 50% guideline individually.
  17. To me, it sounds like you just want your cat to be hit in the face, and are trying to find an excuse. And yes, post entries in this thread.
  18. Do you have a translucent cat? Also why do you wanna hit your cat in the face?
  19. I prefer Saints over GTA. I've never enjoyed a GTA and while I can see the meritt and why people like them, that kind of thing is just better for me in a world much less serious. And no, it's like Spider-Man because while you have all the super powers in the world, early in at least, you can still die fairly easily. I died a bunch of times because I am not yet bulletproof and there's just a ton of badguys at a time kicking my ass. Once you get a leveled up though, then it's Hulk time. Apparently. I never played that game, but I heard it was awesome. And I'm more referencing it as a send off to the 360 for me personally, not in general. I know people wants the GTA and stuff, but this is the magnum opus for me.
  20. Arguably, it's maybe a really big add on for the third. It uses the same map and all the same assets, specifically customization parts, but on the things it does use it also adds a lot of new ones to the list, but then the actual gameplay and everything is so very above and beyond and insane and fun it's miles better than the Third. It's like if Saint's Row 3 ate Crackdown and that really good Spider-Man 2 movie game and added elemental superpowers. I played for 5 and 1/2 hours last night, did maybe 5 missions to advance the main story (which was took maybe an hour or so) and didn't even realize much time had passed at all. I played it all co-op too with a friend of mine and man it's so much fun. Anyone who liked Saint's Row the Third NEEDS to buy 4. Everyone else who never played a Saint's Row game also needs to buy this. People who don't like Saint's Row? Man, are you people just wrong entirely The only other game I'm buying between now and when the Xbox One comes out is Batman Arkham Origins, but I consider Saint's Row 4 the perfect send off to this console generation. This is all assuming you don't mind being Overpowered sometimes and smashing the crap out of things with no real rhyme or reason. It's serious nonsense, but I love it.
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