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  1. FINALLY, Canada has (Or atleast my canadian based Toysrus) has received this wave, and i'm happy with what i'm getting. Nice little collection to make in the middle of my larger ones. Already picked up one of the two exclusive and hid one of each that remain. hopefully i'll have them all in three weeks. Love these things.
  2. One word, one name, one company that i can see as a minimate franchise. VALVE. We have Counter strike, Team fortress 2, Half life and my personal favorite Portal, some of the greatest gaming franchises in history. The only problem that i see from this is why this was not thought of sooner. This could be something great, something that can grow and change the future of diamond select. Feel free to leave your feedback and own ideas. i'd love to see what you guys have to say about this too. Also, pardon if there is already a thread like this.
  3. This thread hasn't been touched upon in a while, so ill start something that everyone is interested in, the next box set. come on, with the release of the 25th anniversary set, i would never think they'd end there. with 2014 coming soon, the sequel (bttf p2) has it's 25th too. so, what perfect time to bring back Marty and Doc 2015, and lets introduce Griff and i don't know who else, but you can help with that. the point is, there needs to be more. coming in late to the collecting party leaves me with little to nothing left. we need the classics, brought back with new decos and next hit figures to boot. also, another chance to get 1985 Marty wouldn't be bad too. i know i'am not the ONLY one who still cares... show your love, and your ideas.
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