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  1. I was just at Baltimore Comic Con over the weekend. I wish I had taken some pictures, because one booth had a whole bin full of Walking Dead Series 5.

    Also, saw another booth that had glued a bunch of Minimates (including some rare ones!) so they wouldn't fall apart, then drilled holes in their heads and made necklaces out of them. If you saw my face, you would've sworn I'd seen a dead body.

  2. The only QC issue I've run into is the Nick Fury for my AoU boxset had a chest tampo applied on both sides of his body. What made it stanger, was that his back (which I only refer to as such because the tampo seems lighter on the one side) was the side that was facing forward in the packaging, and his arms were on backwards.

    Needless to say, it was pretty weird. biggrin.png

  3. A good street level shot that is panoramic is actually really hard to find at a good resolution, and for a display like this you would need something at least 4000 pixels wide. Most of my stuff is rooftop level, but I am attaching 3 options here that might work. They are all scaled to 4.5' wide by 1.5' tall. Let me know if you need help getting anything printed, as I have a local guy who I trust, and would do this size for about $30.

    That first one looks like it'll fit great. I'll send you a PM for specifics and what not. Thanks a ton, Luke. :)

    Dude...where'd you get those buildings?

    Mostly just scouring eBay and doing tons of Googling.

    The Daily Bugle is a 90's Toybiz set that you can find pretty easily on eBay. It can be a little on the expensive side, but I managed to snag mine for $60 with free shipping. It comes with those two side buildings (which aren't attached and can be moved around), and that big blue dumpster.

    The police station on the right side is an older Fisher Price Imaginext set. It's part of some city builder line, so if you get enough sets you can build structures however you want. The auction I won for it included the building, the police bike, and squad car which I think come with the set if you can get it brand new. Also came with some furniture, a couple police officers and horses. Whole bundle only set me back $25.

    The gas station is a Mega Bloks Alien Agency set that I've seen mentioned on here a few times. The whole Alien Agency series is pretty great, there's a fast food set that I was thinking of getting, too. The only problem is that the building style doesn't fit in too great with the others, so I might retire it from the display to free up some more room.

    The Sanctum Sanctorum all the way on the left is a print out I found on a Heroclix site. It's a mix of cardstock and a sheet of foam board that I threw together in an afternoon. There aren't any small cutouts or pieces, so it's pretty easy to build. They have a couple other buildings on the site, too, so it's worth checking out. There's a gigantic Baxter Building I was thinking of doing, but I wouldn't have anywhere to fit it. Let me know if you want a link. :D

    The bus stop that Alicia, May, and Max are waiting at is a Medicom KAWS set. It comes with a couple artsy Kubrick guys. There's a UK seller on eBay who keeps putting new ones up that start at $1.64, and with shipping only end up around $9.00, so definitely worth it.

    The telephone pole, streetlight, and billboard on the police station are all papercraft models from WorldWorks Games. They have a ton of city props like telephone booths, benches, and trash cans that I've been putting together of the past few days and adding in. Since they're supposed to be for tabletop gaming they're scaled a little bit too small, but they work nicely as is. I'm sure if people have photoshop they can just scale them up to the perfect size.

    I have my eye on some more buildings at the moment, so I'll test them out and put up more pictures when I get them


    Alright, managed to take a pic. So I'm gonna add in a couple more taller foreground buildings, since the Bugle is kind of gigantic compared to the others, but that's essentially it. The line of comic pages is where the ceiling starts slanting inward. I can cover up as much of that as I need to.

    Thanks for the help! Let me know if you have any more questions.

  5. So, I've been working on street scene diorama for the past few months to display my 'mates. It's been coming along pretty well, but I've hit a little snag.

    I've filled it out with buildings and such, but behind it is just beige wall that I want to cover up with a city skyline. I've been coming up totally blank with ideas for how to go about it. The space I need to cover up is about 1'5" tall and 4'5" wide. I figure I'm going to need to get something printed, which isn't a problem. It's that I need to find some kind of image, and need to make sure it's big enough.

    If anyone has any ideas, I'm game. Thanks in advance!

  6. Welcome to the club. Love your display... oh that deadpool, what a riot! lol

    Hey, thanks! I'm glad you appreciate him. I used to have word balloons stuck to him in my old display commenting that it sucks he has to stand around all the time.

    So I've been trying to get the display more city street-ish by adding in more buildings and props. Worldworks games has a ton of paper craft items that I printed out and have been sticking in it. I also found out that the Kubrick line had a bus stop, so I hunted one down and put it in.

    I think the best thing I found was that somebody put together a few papercraft buildings for Heroclix. They had a Daily Bugle, which was pointless because I already have a Bugle, and a huge Baxter Building that would be too big. The one I thought was perfect was the Sanctum Sanctorum.

    I also picked up some Heroclix 3D objects like the Gem of Cytrorak, Fin Fang Foom's Toe, and the Eye of Agamotto. You'd think they would be too small, but they're actually just the right size. Once I can borrow my girlfriend's camera, I'll take some action shots.

    Just need to fill out the rest of the display with a couple more buildings, and I need to find a skyline image to put behind it so it's not just blank wall. Then I can say it's pretty much doneish.

  7. There are two GOTG-related characters, but you already know who they are: Ronan and Iron Man. No Ghost Rider. No Moon Knight.

    Everyone else in 19 we've gotten comic Mates of before, but three not for a long time, and I believe all three have been asked for. Two are new (or recent) costumes for Marvel mainstays. One is a returning army-builder.

    New classic characters are in 60.

    A new AIM Soldier perhaps? It did just get a figure in the recent Marvel Legends Cap series.

    I really hope it's a new AIM Soldier. I don't know about any of you, but I only started collecting recently, and my MODOK is very lonely.

    Awesome news about Wave 60. Can't wait for the big reveal on either.

  8. Welcome to the 'verse!

    I agree with the other guys, great display!

    If you want to get some DC 'mates for your girl, make sure to check the Want/Have sections. I'm pretty sure you'll find what you need.

    Thanks a ton! You do some really nice custom work.

    I'll see what's what in the Flea Market. That's a great tip. smile.png

    Welcome! smile.png

    Welcome to the Multiverse!

    Thanks, guys! It's really great meeting everyone.

    Luke, I actually ordered a bunch of 'mates from you last month, and everything went extremely smoothly, so double thanks for that! Can't wait for the Spidey Foes boxset!

  9. Nice display! What chopper is that you used for Ghost Rider?

    Thanks! The chopper is from a C3 WWE construction set called "Undertaker's Entrance". I found it at Toys 'R' Us this past Saturday. They were having a 30% off sale on them, so it was fate.

    It also comes with some cool undead-y, demon-y looking stuff. Not sure how I'll incorporate them, but they were worth keeping.

    The only problem I had is that Mr. Ketch's coat tail is too long for him to ride

    it. Luckily, since I don't have any spares at the moment, the Undertaker

    figure that came with the set had a little leather jacket I can use as a

    place holder. Probably gonna replace him with a Johnny Blaze as soon as

    I can.

    Ha - 'Brock Pest Control'. That's cool. What a fun way to display your colelction.

    Welcome to the MMMV smile.png

    Edit: Is AntMan punching Wasp in the face? ohmy.png

    Hey, thanks!

    Yeeeeah, he is. My friends always bring up the time Hank smacked around Janet whenever we talk about them. I was actually debating if I was going to put him on the villain side, since we say he's one of the worst in the Marvel universe.

  10. Hello! Long time board lurker here. Thought I'd introduce myself and post some pictures of my collection.

    I've been collecting since 2011 when my friend turned me on to it. I've never really liked collecting figures, since they take up a lot of space, so Minimates are perfect. My collection's not as big as some of yours (the prices on some of the older guys is nuts!), but I've managed to snag some decent gets from eBay. I used to work at Toys 'R' Us, so my friends that work there still let me know when the new waves show up. biggrin.png

    I'm only really into the Marvel and Walking Dead series, but my girlfriend has been trying to persuade me into picking up some of the DC characters since she loves any of the Lantern stuff. I'm not too into getting every version of the different characters, and just try to stick with getting the definitive version and throwing that into my display.

    Below are some pictures. The display is still under construction as I'm trying to get more buildings, and I'm probably going to put something down to make it look like there is a street (Sorry about the bluriness. My phone kind of sucks!)

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