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    Enforcing the nations of the mates
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    Police and Military Mates. I like DC more than Marvel and i have picked up all the 24 and Rocky sets. I will pick up The Silence of the Lambs and Probably the Sergo Leon Trilogy mates also.
  1. that would be cool and he could come with a ghost from the game... ** like the fisherman from the hotel sedwick....
  2. and a few more.... more... mostly of the figures themselves...
  3. So after calling and calling my LCS i finally got ahold of the guy and he said he had them so i went out and picked them up here they are: The set is really nice but it has some problems... the first is that i spent 10-15mins trying to get louis out of the dogs body... i got half of him out i didnt get the legs out so i used some Mark I iron man legs for Louis... I had to use the freeze method for removing the dogs mask also... and i decided to leave my louis in one peice.... (now my dog is made out of louis' legs batwomans torso and iron mans head) The Good News: the set is really detailed first is the GB logo on the sleeves, it looks very nice. the second unique thing is that even louis shoes are "soot" covered.... **sorry im not an expert Photographer** heres some more pics
  4. there was only like 4-5 minimate sets and 2 were the ghostbusters and at least the minmates had them in the packaging the gijoe stuff just had mini cut outs of figures in its packaging
  5. I'm confused. You saw some on the shelf, yet you hope they get them soon? It was the blue print for the store even though everything was real.... its how the TRUs should look so i saw them on the shelf but its not a real store....
  6. I was down in the TRU concept (its a big fake TRU) yesterday and i only saw 2 sets which were the libraian and egon and peter and the Wash. square ghost.... they looked really really cool. I hope they get them soon
  7. Does anybody know what happened to series 1 of them on TRU's website they arnt even there
  8. ok, so who wouldnt want some UFC minimate??? (ritorical) I think it would be very unique to have Rocky or Jack Bauer against Chuck Lidell or Brock Lesner.... now im just throwing it out there.... (and right now Jacks Pacific has the toy line for them)
  9. Does anybody know any thing about these? when do the other stuff come out? TRU series one and two and the second set?
  10. Can someone tell me what all T-2 minimates we will be seeing? sorry ive been gone for 3 and 1/2 months
  11. So.... can anyone give me a quick wrap up of what all ghostbuster minimate are gonna be released?
  12. and that link is to do with this thread or minimates? Look up the lyrics, or you know, watch it. It has a lot to do between S7EVIN and his Minimates. And us. I'd really hate to see you give up your collection. Are you sure you wouldn't rather just hold onto them and wait for something you like to come out? A whole bunch of awesome stuff was revealed at ToyFair, so it's definitely worth looking into. Like Trekker said, it's going to be miserable getting back what you gave up. If you've really lost interest, maybe you should just put them away? Then if you think about them again, you can just pull them out and look at them and see how you feel then. Hahaha... and True, last time i put them away was when the big TRU 10 pack came out and finding minimates at stores was hard, but now they just kinda sit there If i keep them, they are only gonna collect cold dust.... I am being sworn into the US Army in early August right after my bros wedding... then comes my senior year and then off to boot camp.. so theres not as much time fro them as i would enjoy
  13. Thank you very much for the advice...
  14. This is something i dread doing... I have lost interest yet again in the Minimate World. Im Sorry.... but this time i dont expect to be getting back in..... this happens every couple of years and i have been doing good for about a year and a half but i think this time im done for good.... I dont know what the best way to get rid of all my minimates is though... Any Suggestions?
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