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  1. MINIMATES LOT – COMPLETE - SERIES 1 - 42!!! WHAT YOU GET – All of the Marvel Minimates listed below. Series 1 through 40 are new, never played with, include all accessories, and are placed in individual polybags (1 per Minimate), each of which have the official name of the Minimate and Series #. For convenience, all 7 Minimates from each Series are placed in an additional bag containing the Minimates from that Series. Series 41 and 42 are still in original packaging. Please note Series 15 was cancelled, so there are no Series 15 Minimates. All of these Minimates are the ORIGINALS and are NOT reissues. A total of 287 Minimates! These Minimates are from my personal collection, taken from the packages and placed in labeled polybags. Smoke Free Home. SERIES MINIMATES 1 Daredevil & Kingpin Hulk & Bruce Banner Daredevil Yellow & Elektra CHASE: Elektra (Black) 2 Peter Parker/Spider-Man & Classic Green Goblin Battle Damaged Spider-Man & Venom Carnage & Spider-Man CHASE: Spider-Man (Symbiote) 3 Ultimate Wolverine & Sabretooth Logan & Ultimate Storm Ultimate Jean Grey & Cyclops CHASE: Ultimate Cyclops No Visor 4 Unmasked Spider-Man & Dr. Octopus Masked Spider-Man & Gwen Stacy Bullseye & Battle Damaged Daredevil CHASE: Unmasked Daredevil 5 Captain America & Absorbing Man Civilian Logan & Juggernaut Thing & Doctor Doom CHASE: Unmasked Doctor Doom 6 New X-Men Wolverine & Phoenix Gamma Hulk & The Leader Ghost Rider& Iron Man CHASE: Stealth Iron Man 7 Grey Hulk & Rhino Spider-Man 2099 & Silver Surfer Ultimate Spider-Man& Chameleon CHASE: Chameleon as J. Jonah Jameson 8 Mr. Fantastic & Human Torch Gaijin Wolverine II & Battle-Scarred Thing Powerhouse Thing & Sue Richards CHASE: Invisible Woman 9 Blade & Assault Punisher Patch & Lady Deathstrike New X-Men Cyclops & White Queen CHASE: Emma Frost(Diamond Form) 10 Sandman& Silver Sable Black Cat& Ben Reilly Spider-Carnage & Spider-Woman I CHASE: Spider-Woman II 11 Bishop & Cable Rogue & Mystique Firestar & Iceman(Clear) CHASE: Iceman(Frosted) 12 Riot-Attack Spider-Man & Ronin Captain America & Nick Fury Sentry & Luke Cage CHASE: Imprisoned Sentry 13 Cyclops & Emma Frost Wolverine & Colossus Kitty Pride & Beast CHASE: Days of Future PastWolverine 14 Storm & Colossus Beast & Juggernaut Wolverine & Jean Grey CHASE: Phoenix 16 Thor & Loki Scarlet Witch& Quicksilver She-Hulk & Wonder Man CHASE: Bearded Thor 17 Spider-Man (Red Suit) & New Goblin Black Suited Spider-Man & Sandman Peter Parker & Eddie Brock CHASE: Transformation Venom 18 Transformation Spider-Man & Venom Battle Damage Spider-Man & Sandman Unmasked Black-Suited Spider-Man & Gwen Stacy CHASE: Mary-Jane 19 Apocalypse & Spidey, Ms. Marvel & Ultron, Death Archangel & Mysterio CHASE: Archangel 20 Vision & Hawkeye Havok & Polaris Smart Hulk & Abomination CHASE: Vision 2.0 21 Pepper Potts & Mark III Iron Man Tony Stark & Iron Monger Jim Rhodes & Mark I Iron Man CHASE: Mark II Iron Man 22 Hulk & Bruce Banner Emil Blonsky & Abomination Battle Damaged Hulk & Betty Ross CHASE: General Ross 23 Cloak & Dagger Nova & Gamora Mark I War Machine & Spymaster CHASE: Mark II War Machine (Jim Rhodes) 24 Classic Spiderman & Shocker Cosmic Spiderman & Transformation Venom Back In Black Spiderman & Kraven CHASE: Tarantula 25 Red Hulk & Ska’ar Captain America & Red Skull Classic Iron Man & AIM Soldier CHASE: Bolt Face Iron Man 26 Wolverine & Blob Special Ops Wolverine & Deadpool Logan & Sabertooth CHASE: Special Ops Sabertooth 27 Thor & Nick Fury Iron Man & Hulk Captain America & S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent CHASE: WW II Captain America 28 Wolverine & Deadpool Gambit & Psylocke Sabertooth & Skrull CHASE: First Appearance Sabertooth 29 Armored Daredevil & Moon Knight Black Panther & 90’s Storm X-Force Wolverine & Hydra Agent CHASE: WWII Wolverine 30 Insulated Spiderman & Electro House of M Spiderman & Scorpion Vault Guard & Spider-Girl CHASE: Ultimate Spider-Woman 31 Captain Britain & Shadowcat Captain Marvel & Black Bolt Angel & Multiple Man CHASE: Silver Age Angel 32 Extremis Iron Man & Titanium Man Retro X-Force Cable & Modern X-Force X-23 Yellow Jacket & Kree Soldier CHASE: Goliath 33 Thor Reborn & Lady Loki Menace & Anti-Venom Sentinel & Rachel Grey CHASE: Rachel Summers 34 90’s Beast & 90’s Rogue 90”s Cyclops & 90’s Jean Grey Black Queen Jean Grey & Hellfire Club Guard CHASE: Black Queen Selene 35 Mark IV Iron Man & Whiplash Mark V Iron Man & War Machine Hammer Drone & Pepper Potts CHASE: Happy Hogan 36 Silver Centurion Iron Man & Crimson Dynamo Neo Classic Iron Man & Stilt Man Modern Mandarin & Dreadnought CHASE: Mandarin 37 Six-Armed Spiderman & Silver Age Lizard X-Force Warpath & Professor X Thing & Doombot CHASE: Trench Coat Thing 38 Daredevil*, Elektra*, Spider-Man*, Iron Fist*, White Tiger*, Hand Ninja* CHASE: Classic White Tiger* 39 Loki & Odin Thor & Destroyer Odin & Jane Foster Jane Foster & Frost Giant #1 CHASE: Agent Coulson 40 Frontline Captain America & Bucky Captain America & Red Skull Howard Stark & Hydra Soldier CHASE: Peggy Carter 41 Green Goblin w/Glider & Spidey Unmasked First Appearance Iron Man & Mega-Rage Hulk Mr. Sinister (Age of Apocalypse) & Nimrod CHASE: Mr. Sinister (classic) 42 World War II Captain America & Arnim Zola Armored Thor & Beta Ray Bill Eric Masterson as Thunderstrike & Kronan Warrior CHASE: Eric Masterson as Thor
  2. To provide clarification, I want to sell on eBay with a Buy Now price -- but I'm not sure what is reasonable to ask. I can start high and then reduce if I get no takers but my preference is to offer something reasonable right off the bat. If anybody has a suggestion of how much is reasonable, I would really appreciate suggestions.
  3. I have all of Marvel Series 1 - 42, plus all exclusives during that period (except for silver and gold spider-man). Also I have the two boxed Maxi-Mates in perfect condition. See attached file for complete list. Never played with. Each figure has been placed in an individually marked poly bag with all accessories. I am thinking of selling on eBay but I want to charge a fair price. I would greatly appreciate your opinions on value. Minimates.docx
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