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Wave 5 is nice in that there’s power-up variants for a change... but none I want (I want to like Fire Peach and Fire Toad, but since I don’t need an Ice Flower and Flying Squirrel(?) Mario I won’t be getting Toad so Peach is unneeded.)

So I’ll wait for wave 6

Cappy, on 01 Oct 2014 - 10:24, said:

Crap. I haven't even seen Series 4 in the wild yet...

Check the Halloween section of Target next to the $5 lego bags and cute-but-sh**ty-painted Monster High figures, that’s the only place I’ve been finding.
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Does anyone have a complete list of these things anywhere. I mean all of the Mario figures that exist?

Here are the ones that I know of. I made a quick video. But these are really tough to track down. The videos are a little rough, but they have all the figures that I know of. Am I missing any?

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If you start on page one of this thread, I'm sure you'll become educated on what the past had to offer. Although I may be wrong.

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Never saw Series 5, but K'Nex lists a series 6 on their website...

Build your favorite Super Mario™ characters! Each set includes 1 buildable figure - Gold Mario, Fox Luigi™, Boo, Daisy, Tanooki Mario, or one of 2 NEVER before seen figures: Para-Goomba and Fire Brother! Which one will you get? Collect all 7!

Also a new 3 pack...

Build characters from Super Mario™ 3D World! This buildable figure 3-pack includes Cannon Box Mario, Skipsqueak, and a special, exclusive mystery figure - who will you get? All figures work with the entire K'NEX Super Mario™ building set line. For ages 6+.

Gotten to the point where I'm about done collecting these, not going to order blind bags over the internet or pay inflated prices on eBay for the 1 or 2 I want from a wave.

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Found wave 6 today at a Wal-Mart, no sign of series 5.

codes for the ones I wanted...

Fire Brother - 2nd number underlined

Para-Goomba - 7th (last) number underlined

Tanooki Mario - 5th number underlined

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Gold Mario - 1st number underlined

Boo - 3rd number underlined

Daisy - 4th number underlined

Fox Luigi - 6th number underlined

which leaves 1st & 6th as Fox Luigi and Gold Mario, but I don't know which is which.

Series 5 never appeared here, either. sad.png

[edit] Found a full case and confirmed the missing figure codes.

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