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Character Building - Doctor Who


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ForbiddenPlanet has put up the Time of the Angels mini set for order.

The blind packed minifigurines were up this morning (box of 36 or lot of 6), but they seem to have been taken down. I wonder if they reached their max number of boxes that could be ordered.

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The 2 boxsets are in the LCS in Liverpool. I will prob pick up 3 of each tomorrow (1 of each already gonna be nabbed by my nephew)

So I will prob have 2 of each going spare. If no one wants I will keep 1 of each for myself.

After I get them I will take them to Post Office to try and work out postage and let ppl know. Only thing I do know is that they are £9.99 a set in store.

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I'm actually looking at mine in their packets right now :whistling:

Anybody interested in my opinions (I guess not )..... anybody want to see pictures of them out of the boxes (I hope not).

:D irritatingheadsmate

Come on, play show and tell Rob, Don't be such a tease :D


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No....your recent Doctor Who customs ARE awesome these fall way short of that.

I tried not to slag these down last night (last post) but I think it is only right to give my true opinion without beating about the bush. Kids will love them ,they are OK ,they are cute,they are fairly tough &, within the parameters of their design, are quite accurate. What more,therefore,could you ask?

For a start the building brick Tardis' doors are not going to last 5 minutes with any genius youngster (U7) who has managed to assemble them (unlikely) & there are a myriad of stickers that are to be applied to the outside. These stickers will obviously enhance the effect but IMO what sticks initially always peels off later,& the TARDIS will not fit Minimates . The Dalek diorama in the 2nd. set does NOT include the Doctor although the packaging implies otherwise ,the dalek itself is again quite accurate & surprisingly ,comprised of multiple parts . Quality of all the plastics is very good as are the paint apps & tampos. The figures are guessed...OK but their expressions are bland whilst the one-piece heads seem way too large in comparison to their bodies .

I tried to like them & I'm hardly the right person to assess them ...or am I ?????

I ought to say nice things about them otherwise I'm going to be stuck with the sets that I bought for you hungry Whoers (sp.correct) :rolleyes:

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The package does state that he's not included but you have probably bought the package before you notice it!

A little exercise worked perfectly...pull off push on was that easy


edit: my crap pictures show the head sitting above the would go right in but I feared damaging the mate & the Dr.'s head.

Despite the comparatively diffeent heights between these things* & 'mates the heads are totally to scale.

* what are we calling them??

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To be honest, at 2 inches, Minimates are out of scale for most construction/building sets as Lego-size figures are the size standard.

I'd like to see the Dalek against a Lego figure as I think that's a more general comparison.

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Firstly, great photos BHM! Nice to actually be able to get a helpful visual comparison of these from my side of the globe.

It is somewhat disappointing to hear the TARDIS is out of scale with Minimates (Danny, I feel you on that "Minimates are out of scale with most everything" comment :confused: ), the Daleks would have compensated for that but it looks like they're more of the short and dumpy side as well.

I also can't get over how much that Character Building packaging reminds me of the packaging the C3 sets came in. They even look roughly the same size as the Superman Throne Room or Batmobile boxes.

On a more inane note:


My gosh, does the Minimate head transplant make a difference. :biggrin:

Also, the Amy figure looks less like Amy and more like a red-haired Sarah Jane Smith.

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Right just been the Post Office and its roughly £6.00 to £6.50 to post these to USA and thats for one of each of the boxsets (1 Doctor/Amy/Tardis set and 1 Dalek and Room set)

I would prefer sending these out like that as I cant see ppl wanting the Dalek one without a Doctor to go with it.

So £9.99 x2 + £6.50 = £26.48

running that through a currency converter comes out at $43.22 roughly depending on exchange rate. So anyone interested shoot me a PM, I have 2 lots going spare.

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