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Firefox "Mumbo-Jumbo"

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The skins as far as I can tell have never been updated since I made them way back in 2007, considering the evolutions in web browsers and IPB itself its no wonder there is a degree of crap floating around.

If people want a "quick" fix, Use the skin selector down below and switch to MMMV2007 Low Res which avoids most of the junk at the cost of looking rather retro.

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Sorry 'bout the necro...

But are people still seeing this, or is it just me? I'm on the latest Firefox, 3.6.13.

I started poking around with the embedded css and found this nugget that I think might be the problem.





background: #FDDBCC url(d #000;

color: #000;

font-weight: bold;

margin: 0 auto 0 auto;

padding: 3px;

border-bottom: 0;

(style_images/Jet/css_img_code.gif) no-repeat right: ;

(style_images/mmmv2007/css_img_code.gif) no-repeat right: ;


If I pull out the 'background:' line, everything looks nice and clean again. (Those last two lines look a little odd to me too, but I'm no CSS guru.) And of course I don't know if this causes other layout problems in other browsers or anything. But I thought I'd share in hopes of helping. :)

Yeah, still seeing it. I think I'm used to it now.

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I guess we could invest in new skins. I never see any issues on my end so there is no "motivation" to change. I rarely use Firefox because it seems to have issues more often than not (in my experience). I tend to use Chrome more than anything these days.

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Wow! It's clean again! I feel the need to put on some pants to surf the site now. ;)

Just wondering how lazy that we really are that we sat in that garbled mess for a year and just "got used to it"?

You really bothered to put on pants to surf this place, none of the staff do! B)


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