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Firefox "Mumbo-Jumbo"

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Has anyone else using firefox gotten a mashup of tabs and icons and such?

For example, the line of text with the clicky "arcade, donate," etc, is no longer horizontal, but now its left aligned vertically.

Hey I am having the same problem!

Jeff of the Miniacs

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Nothing weird on Firefox 3.5.3. You might try disabling/enabling your various plug-ins to see if on of those is causing problems.

Thanks for confirming your version. This could be a Firefox 3.6 issue as I have it and have the same reported issues. Didn't have them until I went to 3.6, (yeah I couldn't wait to upgrade :blush: ) I tried different settings but couldn't make the issue go away. Heading home now and will try removing the skin and see if that works.

For those having trouble, use a different browser in the meantime until whatever is causing this issue gets resolved.

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GAH! Now I can see what the issue is. FF finally upgraded me today and now MM looks pony, pants, craptacular even.

Back to Safari for me I guess.

Same for me. This now looks like websites looked back in the 1990s. :yucky:


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Sorry 'bout the necro...

But are people still seeing this, or is it just me? I'm on the latest Firefox, 3.6.13.

I started poking around with the embedded css and found this nugget that I think might be the problem.





background: #FDDBCC url(d #000;

color: #000;

font-weight: bold;

margin: 0 auto 0 auto;

padding: 3px;

border-bottom: 0;

(style_images/Jet/css_img_code.gif) no-repeat right: ;

(style_images/mmmv2007/css_img_code.gif) no-repeat right: ;


If I pull out the 'background:' line, everything looks nice and clean again. (Those last two lines look a little odd to me too, but I'm no CSS guru.) And of course I don't know if this causes other layout problems in other browsers or anything. But I thought I'd share in hopes of helping. :)

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