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You're secrets are safe with us (Who knew CloneMe was a woman in a "secure correctional facility")

Jesus Christ, how the f*ck does this sh!t keep getting out!?

"Scandal hit the Church of Minimateology today when..."

Damnit.... It's back to worshipping Donna I guess....

Enh, it's a win win situation ;)

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Ok, this thread has me rollin', thanks for that...

While I may at times be desperate for a little minimate supplementation & filling out the ranks a bit, I'm also one of the many thousand files on the V.A. computer recently stolen from a federal employee here, so I've had all the identity theft excitement I can handle this month :)

Those who need to know...already do ;) HOOAH

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that would be sort of cool for the people who are sort of new on the forum like me and some people in the comic contest could always use some considering we dont have many (speking for me here) but there would need to be some sort of procedure here and there to enter the list, we dont want some wierdo sendin us a bomb or somthin :unsure:


Yea I know what you mean....(well not really but you will get the point)


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