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Cereal Minimates

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Yeah, I gotta agree with the majority; this idea is riddled with flaws. As cereal "pack-ins", it's a fantastic idea, however, with the cost of production and inflated petroleum prices I sincerely doubt that these will actually be part of the cereal (except pehaps as a mail-away). If these are to be marketed in any other way(sold through specialty markets or retail), I don't think that the response will be very positive. It's so frustrating to see such a talented (design) company constantly fall on it's face as a result of half-assed, ill-conceived ideas and poor marketing. Each time that a line flounders, it makes it that much more difficult for retailers to commit to carrying their products in the future.

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Lets just hope this isnt the last nail in the coffin :(

There are many dumber ideas that Art Asylum could do that would kill the company:

- Golden Girls Minimates

- Spice Girls Minimates

- Vice-Presidents of the United States Minimates

- Famous Magazine Publishers of the 19th Century Minimates

- "The Many Faces of Chevy Chase" Minimates

- Die-Cast Iron Minimates

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Also just looked it at again and realized he's also sporting the same feet that the Pengiun would seem to have as well.

But amusing that poor Sam can't see straight ahead, some stuff doesn't work as well in 3D does it :)

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Yeah, I don't think that the design was ever really in question; these "look" good. AA (despite minor quality control issues) have always put out great products with impressive design. The real deciding factor will be how these are marketed.

as cereal pack-ins/premiums=plausible idea to reach masses and garner interest.

as specialty/retail boxsets="kiss-of-death".

Context and timing are CRUCIAL!!

AA, pleeease don't lose your audience by delaying production on your "solid lines"(Star Trek, Marvel,DC, BSG, etc.)by chasing pipe-dreams or expanding on a market that you haven't even mastered yet. The consumers are there, but they will not wait forever.

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All righty! Tony and Toucan Sam: I'm in. Don't care what else this line produces, unless it's the Count Chocula bunch!

However, I would prefer to get the previously announced lines first...

But amusing that poor Sam can't see straight ahead, some stuff doesn't work as well in 3D does it :)

Guess that's why he has to follow his nose! heh.

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