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DST and AA links

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I think those links would be mighty handy as well, but I imagine DST and AA might take issue with their links on our front page since MMMV isn't their official site and it might look like we're promoting them or something.

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I don't see how anyone could take issue with free press. Fan sites link to the main site all the time. Check any transformer site, and under the links page, is #1. Heck, check the links on MMHQ and MMC and the Database, see who they have linked.

My $0.02 worth

P.S. I can't see as the moment for some reason. Sorry for typos. Very odd.

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On Minimates Central's links page, I have always linked Art Asylum and DST in the "Official" Links part. I used to also have Playalong there when they were doing the C3 license.

I don't see why the Multiverse couldn't link to them also, but it isn't my call.

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