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Thumbnail help please

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And if you already have them hosted somewhere, the UBB code to make them show up in your posts will look a bit like this:


(Of course the domain and filenames will be your own.)

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I'm not sure how photobucket works. But if you click on something like 'share', or right click on the picture, it should give you various code options that you can cut and paste. One of those will be for thumbnails.

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I use Photobucket too, but i couldn't find a way to post thumbnails, which when clicked, open up into full size pictures.

I posted the IMG link from Photobucket and it did reduce the size, but only to about 60% of the original picture.

I've tried everything on Photobucket, but nothing there seems to work, so instead, i saved the pictures i have on Photobucket to my desktop and used the "attachments section" below where you type when posting.

I used the "browse" button to find each picture, "uploaded" it and in the position i wanted to paste it, i simply selected it in the "manage current attachment" bar and hit the "insert" icon.

That finally gave me thumbnails, which when clicked... open out to my full picture.

Wish i would have known about this when i first started, would have saved me loads of time!

Hope that helps and here's an example.


One thing i have just noticed though, if you don't paste the pictures link into your text at the position of your choosing, but you still have uploaded it into the attachments section, it displays the picture at the end text automatically.

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