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cleaning up the want have thread

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what about a PM to everyone that has a post older than 2 months. give them a week if there is no response then they are not an ACTIVE user.

Either that or no one cares about what they have.

well give them at least a month to respond then

I agree with Aapje on this one.... some span of time longer than a week would be courteous, though not so long as to drive the staff out of their minds, or at least not past the outer limits! ^_^

Or something like an auto pm that reminds you when your want/have is more than two months old?

(Is that even feasible? I don't know...)

Then I'm going to agree with vbpanizzi :P Seriously though, a week is more than enough time for folks to either respond and update their lists once they've been contacted by someone on the staff ;) Holidays are over and everyone should be back from the holiday breaks. So there's no excuse on why they haven't updated anything and are cluttering up the list. A month is entirely too much time to give someone who should be posting on a regular base anyway. That's my 2 cents though and I've been known to be wrong from time to time :unsure:

well we have to think of the ppl who dont check up every day off the week, like we have some ppl who just visit once a month(cause of work vacation or some other reason) but we should consider them too

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