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Would Rick and Morty be a good fit for mates?

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I feel like the McFarlane stuff is a great example of the potential for small scale Rick and Morty figures, with some a major limitation in the building block component. While Rick and Morty, as with many cartoons, lends itself well to the construction element, I feel like that's a bit of a hurdle for many adult fans who have an interest in owning figures. I'm sure many would fancy a two pack of rick and/or morty to pop on their desk, but the prospect of constructing and displaying Rick's saucer and a garage (or indeed not, and the proverbial 'loss' one would feel purchasing the set only for the figures) may stay their hand. While the figures (disclosure, I purchased the McGarage set with jerry and Mr Meeseeks, and to be honest solely for mr meeseeks and the meeseeks box, and to see how the scale worked with mates, Palz and the like) are perfectly serviceable and their moulded heads certainly give them a charm, this is certainly a show that would benefit from the articulation of the Minimates body.


Quite the paragraph to say I completely agree, but now that all I've got down my more technical thoughts on the matter perhaps I'll take this chance to dream. The sheer number of characters (and indeed variants) in Rick and Morty could make for a line with the longevity and coimpletionism of Nightmare before Xmas, while the number of galactic and inter dimensional conflicts and distinctive factions involved could make for army building waves the likes of Halo. Imagine members of alien races packed in with Council of Rick's members, in addition to a wave of main cast, family and friend's two packs with chases. Definitely quite a chance to dream.


Who would be on your Wishlist? who would you pack in with who, and what accessories might they come with?

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Ever since the amazingly named cylonchaney created this thread, I've been thinking on the concept of Rick and Morty minimates heavily. Perhaps the fact new episodes are currently airing has contributed to my keeping it on the brain.


Anyway, my latest thought to share here is that the...modularity (?) of minimates would lend itself very well indeed to the "the same but a little different" nature of parallel realities and by extension Rick and Morty. I'm struggling to articulate what I mean, but the combination of interchangeable parts and numerous characters with only minor differences seems like a match made in heaven. 


Allow me to provide an example. Let's say that, in this hypothetical minimal line, you have Rick Sanchez and Mr Meeseeks. Now, while many of us would like to get Rick and Morty together, one and done, we know they'd probably be split up in a true 'wave' scenario (as opposed to boxsets/single figs). Now, with just a few extra parts thrown into the bubble, both of these figures could become 'army builders'...for a diverse army. Let's say you include, an extra heads&hair with Rick (eyepatch rick perhaps, and some sort of fun hat with rick hair underneath) and an extra 2 Meeseeks heads (say, one with the orange hair tuft, and one with stubble). This two-pack would appeal would allow one to army build a council or ricks and a horde of Meeseeks while also giving one numerous options for diversity with the alternate parts. 


Admittedly, much of my frenzied thought here is rooted in the fact that Rick, the ostensible lead of the program, has near innumerable variations on his 'theme' that share many common elements, and that the interchangeability of minimise parts presents an elegant way to efficiently offer figures of such a unique franchise, while the nature of the program and the individuality of these 'variant' Rick's may well encourage buyers to 'army-build', or at least make multiple purchases, in a way other licences might not.

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