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Kraven the Hunter Variant

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Hey guys, I remember a while back people stayed that the wave 24 Kraven minimate had a variant in the form of the TRU Kraven minimate. I heard one had leopard paw prints while the other had Leopard spots on the pants. All my research has led to the paw prints only. Just wondering if there really is a variant or it was just a myth.

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I don't recall any conversation here about variant Kraven versions . I can definitely confirm however that there were a few TRU Minimates that were subtly different from their contemporary LCS/BAM versions .      I'm struggling to remember the 'mates & what the differences were except for the obvious Abomination & War Machine Mk1.

If Kraven does have a variant ...well spotted.:thumbsup:

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I'm late to this one but happen to have both in front of me so I figured I'd chime in - The pants are different one seems to be painted and brighter. There were quite a few variations through the Toys R Us waves even the Spider-Man Figures in the same wave seem  to have slightly different masks for some reason.

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